Awesome Spice Deal!

I got a great deal on one of my favorite brands at my Vons today! I got It’s Delish Poppy seeds half off!!! That means I got 9 ounces of quality (not Dollar Store) poppy seeds for only $1.75!  These are usually on the side of the end cap on the ethnic foods aisle. I have never seen them with the other spices.

They had a few different of the It’s Delish spices half off but limited choices (Tarragon, Allspice, White Pepper, Red Pepper flake). This is one of my favorite brands that I always buy so I hope they are just doing label change or something. I definitely hope to see my paprika and cinnamon back asap! I don’t know if this is all Vons or just local to Fresno or specifically the one at Kings Canyon and Clovis.

Don’t wait around!

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