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Nightmare before Blocktober!

So, as you may or may not know, I LOVE MARVEL! And why not? It and all things made by marvel are awesome. So I was playing my favorite game, Roblox (woot!), when I looked and saw there were two events going on (woot again!). So, as any curious person would do, I clicked on both pages to see what they were about. I found that both events were sponsored by MARVEL (woot once more!) and had to do them! The first event was sponsored by Spider-Man: Homecoming! and the other by Thor: Ragnarok! I went and played the Spider-Man event before even looking at the Thor event because Spider-Man is cooler (duh). So when I looked at the thor event and saw it was called Nightmare before Blocktober, I knew it had to be good. It sounded even better when two of the games were games I love, WFYB and Assassin. The other game, BTD: Redux, I recommend for those whose hearts are strong and love of hulk and/or zombies is stronger, who like getting scared, and love a challenge. I attempted (and failed) this one. But if anyone reading this loves Marvel or just a fun game, try both these events. But remember, the Spider-Man event goes until October 10, and the Thor until the 14th. Plus, there is the first 10 minutes of  Spider-Man: Homecoming under the event. With four games overall, this is the time to win some sweet Roblox gear, and have some Marvel fun!

Canvas People are Having a Sale!

Are you familiar with those gorgeous pictures that are printed on canvas? Many people have them hanging in their homes and they are wonderful but pricey! Right now the Canvas People are having a 60% promotion.

You basically upload a picture and they print onto canvas that is wrapped. If you don’t have a picture but are looking for a piece of art, have no fear. They have a gallery of images you could choose from. This is a great gift for Christmas so it can help you get a jump on that! So head over at start shopping! The 60% off will be taking at checkout. I understand it says 4th of July sale but it is still going on.

(And yes, these are affiliate links! Shop through them to support this blog!)

Think Geek Sale!!!

It isn’t a secret that I love Think Geek!! I don’t just get things for NerdDad there but also things for my Nerdlings! There are great kids’ stuff that would be fun (and some educational) for Easter baskets!!! Things like the LED light up bricks (work with LEGOs), blow up R2D2, awesome onsies, even a DIY wooden knofe!!!

You can get 20% off sitewide but only until Monday!!! Make sure to check out the clearance sales.

PS Jacie, this is a perfect time to get those geeky socks!

Cyber Monday Strategies

Cyber Monday has become as legendary as Black Friday but more shrouded in mystery! But what is the deal? Is it really a bargain day? Are there specific things to look for? Is it all phooey?

Well, it is a little complicated. Everyone doesn’t put everything on sale;). It takes a little planning, investigation and watching your money!

3 types of things seem to be on sale across the board.
1) Tech/entertainment (tvs, laptops, phones, game systems, etc)
2) Toys
3) Tech accessories (games, movies, ipad holders, mice) that generally run under $100.

Then there are specific stores and their strategies.

Big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart are advertising sales. There will be a few door busters but in some cases those were already sold out on Sunday. They also have other things on sale but if you read the fine print, they say that those prices may extend;).

Almost every store will be running some sort of sale today. They can be 20% – 30% off across the board and some will have shipping deals too. They are good sales but not barn burners.

The stores that are the must shops are ones that have a primary existence online. Places like Amazon, ThinkGeek, and Etsy are having great sales!!! Ebay is even have great sales from Toys R Us and Best Buy (they have stores on Ebay to sell off their extras). The other stores that tend have a great sale are brand stores. For example Ahava brand products. They sell it in stores but they have a stand alone online store! And they are having a great sale today!

A couple before you buy reminders:
1) Know what you are looking for before you begin looking;). Even if it is just a “type” of gift.
2)Have a budget!
3)Check out the return policy. You can still have things not measure up to your expectations. You need to make sure that you can also return it after Christmas if the recipient doesn’t want it!

Cyber Monday can have some great deals! Just be on the lookout for them and shop smart!!!

Melissa and Doug Toy Bargains

I think just about everyone agrees that Melissa and Doug toys are the gold standard of toys. But being the gold standard means they usually aren’t cheap;). If you are a Melissa and Doug toy lover you need to go get some from Amazon asap because the are Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day!

They have a variety to choose from including puzzles, stamp sets, plush bowling sets, and play kitchen stuff! Run, don’t walk because it is a one day only deal!!!

Black Friday Shopping Strategies

Above all things: Be reasonable!!!! If there are 500 people in line for 3 items, don’t have your heart set on those things!!! In seriousness, like all other things you just need as smart strategy.

1. Do your research! You can already start reviewing Black Friday ads online (I will have links to ads on my blog) and can pour over them on Thanksgiving! Also see what is available online. Some stores don’t do any of the big deals online (like Old Navy) but some (like Best Buy) have a lot online.

2. Make a list of everything you would want that is on sale. Organize it by store and make sure you write down the price.

3. Organize your list by priority and or time frames. A big Black Friday thing that Michaels does every year is a %off coupon for your whole purchase if you are in the store by a set time (this year it is 30%). So while I don’t have a high ticket item from Michaels, I do a a few things and need to be in the store before that time!!!

4. Order what you can online!!! Some things you can order on Thursday and somethings you can order before you go out on Friday.

5. Figure out a relatively reasonable time that you should get started. For example, I usually head out about 6am. It is early enough that I can hit all the deals that are bound by times but just late enough to miss the real die hards/crazies;).

6. Buy everything you might possibly want. The example I always use is jeans. Target and Walmart both usually do a kids’ jean under $10 every year. Walmart may be cheaper but I hit Target first. I will buy 2 sizes for each kid at both stores. I would love to think that the cheaper pairs would work but you never know about cut and each brand sizes different. You can always return the extras next week!!!

7. Have fun & plan breaks! After my first store I always hit Starbucks. Then I meet a friend for lunch every year. She and I don’t shop together but we set a time and meet up. You would be surprised just how empty restaurants are at lunch time.

7. Process everything next week! Get it done and get it out of the way. Wrap the presents, set out the decorations and wash the clothes!

Final note, think about a job your family can do while you are shopping! My husband sets up our fake tree and gets out the Christmas decor boxes. Then I decorate with everyone over the weekend;).

Free Homemade Gift Ebook

The Happy Housewife (better known as Toni;) has compiled a great ebook with 60 Homemade Christmas Gifts that is free right now!

These are great gifts from a variety of bloggers. They don’t even look homemade (always my struggle;).

I think I might make the cake plate or the etched vase or the tea cup candles….

Go grab it while it is free and you have time to make a few gifts;).

(And yes, there are affiliate links;)

Office Max Deals

48154_It's like getting one for $.01 after MaxPerks Bonus Rewards on classroom must-haves

I know that I am a little late in posting about the awesome deals that OfficeMax has this week but life has been a little busy;). But OfficeMax has a ton of items that are only 1 cent after the MaxRewards!

There is an incentive for ordering online this week! One of the free after MaxPerks deal is a 3 hole punch! But it is only available online.

So order online! If your purchase is $50 you get free delivery but that $50 is before the MaxPerks so if you take advantage of all the free and 1 cent deals you will get free delivery and pay almost nothing!!!

Go, shop! Before the deals are gone!

Proctor and Gamble Store

Is it just me or is life crazy? I just got back from a huge conference and I can’t believe things are already starting up for the fall semester. Given all that, I can’t be the only one running out of time! It seems as if Proctor and Gamble is trying to help a girl out!

They have launched a new online store and I think the first thing I need to order is this Dawn Ultra Hand Renewal – Olay Beauty Pomegranate Splash Scent! Dawn is the only dish soap I use but I love the idea of trying a new scent I haven’t seen!

So the details about this store….
-There is 10% off for the rest of August!
-Free shipping if you spend at least $25
-You get a free Crest sample if you buy anything with Olympic packaging.
-If you buy through the link on my site it will help support my blogging efforts (please help support me;)!

What is your favorite P&G product? Let me know in the comments!!!!