Cyber Monday Strategies

Cyber Monday has become as legendary as Black Friday but more shrouded in mystery! But what is the deal? Is it really a bargain day? Are there specific things to look for? Is it all phooey?

Well, it is a little complicated. Everyone doesn’t put everything on sale;). It takes a little planning, investigation and watching your money!

3 types of things seem to be on sale across the board.
1) Tech/entertainment (tvs, laptops, phones, game systems, etc)
2) Toys
3) Tech accessories (games, movies, ipad holders, mice) that generally run under $100.

Then there are specific stores and their strategies.

Big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart are advertising sales. There will be a few door busters but in some cases those were already sold out on Sunday. They also have other things on sale but if you read the fine print, they say that those prices may extend;).

Almost every store will be running some sort of sale today. They can be 20% – 30% off across the board and some will have shipping deals too. They are good sales but not barn burners.

The stores that are the must shops are ones that have a primary existence online. Places like Amazon, ThinkGeek, and Etsy are having great sales!!! Ebay is even have great sales from Toys R Us and Best Buy (they have stores on Ebay to sell off their extras). The other stores that tend have a great sale are brand stores. For example Ahava brand products. They sell it in stores but they have a stand alone online store! And they are having a great sale today!

A couple before you buy reminders:
1) Know what you are looking for before you begin looking;). Even if it is just a “type” of gift.
2)Have a budget!
3)Check out the return policy. You can still have things not measure up to your expectations. You need to make sure that you can also return it after Christmas if the recipient doesn’t want it!

Cyber Monday can have some great deals! Just be on the lookout for them and shop smart!!!

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