Proctor and Gamble Store

Is it just me or is life crazy? I just got back from a huge conference and I can’t believe things are already starting up for the fall semester. Given all that, I can’t be the only one running out of time! It seems as if Proctor and Gamble is trying to help a girl out!

They have launched a new online store and I think the first thing I need to order is this Dawn Ultra Hand Renewal – Olay Beauty Pomegranate Splash Scent! Dawn is the only dish soap I use but I love the idea of trying a new scent I haven’t seen!

So the details about this store….
-There is 10% off for the rest of August!
-Free shipping if you spend at least $25
-You get a free Crest sample if you buy anything with Olympic packaging.
-If you buy through the link on my site it will help support my blogging efforts (please help support me;)!

What is your favorite P&G product? Let me know in the comments!!!!

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