Is it Blissdom Worthy?

Ok, I have a couple of outfits that I like but I don’t know if they are good for my blogging conference next week (Blissdom). And while I love my husband, he is no help in these areas;). So I am coming to you, the blogosphere to help! What do you think of these?

This is an outfit that I wore on TV back on February 3rd. It is a simple black, knit dress with a faux belt. I love these slouchy black boots because they are flat!!! And of course I am wearing my standard denim jacket (best find ever). I am not sure about the denim on the black but the sleeves are just cap sleeves so I need something over it! Oh, I picked up that dress for just $14 from Ross!

And this is what I wore yesterday. The belt is my new acquisition. I picked it up over at Lane Bryant and I think it helps camouflage the belly. But I am just not sure about the over all look. And I will not be taking those 3 inch wedges to Blissdom;). But I am super comfy in that roomie purple shirt and the skinny jeans are slimming, right? (Am I just fooling myself?)

Let me know what you think and someday I may be able to dress myself;). Maybe.

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11 thoughts on “Is it Blissdom Worthy?”

  1. I love both of them, and especially the 2nd one. I am on the not-so-skinny side as well, and I have heard comments that “skinny jeans” are not for plus-sized women. Well, I don’t believe that. They look awesome on you and are very slimming. I have a pair I like to wear, and I like to think they are flattering on me as well. Why should the skinny women get all the skinny jeans?
    So I will definitely be bringing my skinny jeans (and my big butt!) to Blissdom!

  2. Love both outfits! For the first one, I’d add a pop of color somewhere near your face (like a bright flower pin on the lapel of the jean jacket) and for the second I can’t think of a single thing I’d change. As to which one works best – which one makes you feel like a million bucks? (Because they’re both grrreat!)

    I’m also secretly glad to find that I won’t be the only person above a size 6 at Blissdom…that’s been my secret worry. 🙂

  3. I agree about some color on the first outfit (which I like). A cute scarf to add a pop of color? You could actually wear the dress twice with different jackets and changing the color of a scarf or necklace. Great choices for traveling!

  4. I really like the black dress with the denim jacket. I agree with what another Denise posted, some color would really add to the outfit. So thankful that other gals who shop at Lane Bryant are willing to blog about what they’re wearing. Such inspiration. I think I need to go out shopping for some belts now 🙂

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