T Shirt Infinity Scarf

I have been seeing t shirt scarves all over Pinterest and every where else! There are so many different varieties so I decided to give it a whirl myself.

All I needed was a cheap, stretchy t shirt and a pair of scissors. I got a cheap, stretchy turtle neck on clearance at Walmart (get the biggest one you can, more material).

First thing, cut off the bottom seam. Then you cut of a measure off between the arm pit and the bottom just however wide you want your scarf. I like a thicker scarf and so I am getting at least 2 out of this 3x shirt. Then stretch! I handed one side to my 9 year old and we pulled and pulled;). The edges will curve in and basically cover the rough edge, the more you wear it the less you will see it.

That is it…. A scarf… It is a great way to get a custom scarf to match something in your wardrobe or just to use up those extras shirts hanging around! It is a nice, cheap, no-sew gift!!!!

It is so easy that I feel a little silly writing about it;).

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