One thought on “No Sew Handmade Christmas Gifts!”

  1. I used to make gifts but the giftees were openly unappreciative of them so I quit. I mean like raised in barns by wolves unappreciative.

    Sugar body scrubs are easy and fun. So are bath fizzies but they take awhile to dry.

    Creating a dress up box for little girls is super fun and easy with little to no sewing! I checked out thrift shops for old fashioned slips and nightgowns, prom dresses, made skirts/tops/dresses from pillowcases, etc. You glue lace and beads to a fabric headband to make a veil. Use fabric glue to “fancy up” plain things like a pillowcase. Throw in a dollar store pretty jewelry box with some fake jewelry, a feather boa, some hats, gloves, etc. You can also toss in old Halloween costumes.

    You can see some of the things I did on my blog – and here –

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