Oy! My Aching Feet!

So you should all be proud of me! I finally broke down and got a nice (read expensive) pair of flats for Blissdom. I found these great Born flats at Norstrom Rack for $50. Everyone warned me that there was a ton of walking so I came prepared. But I didn’t break in my shoes before I came and I think that was a mistake!!!

Within just a couple of hours I had a bunch of blisters. I now have 4 bandaids on and decided to wear my funky socks with my flats even though everyone could see them. The big problem? I only brought 1 pair of socks;). So I am off to wash them out and hope they dry by the morning;).

Learn from my mistakes and bring more than 4 bandaids, more than one pair of socks (just in case) and break in your shoes before you go to a conference!!! Other than that, I am having a fun time at Blissdom! I hope to learn a bunch tomorrow;).

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