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****I have since found out the location of the proposed center/mosque is 2 blocks away in the old Burlington Coat Factory. And they purchased the building.

Oh, there is so much to say… The question is, should it be allowed that a mosque be built where the Twin Towers used to stand? Well, first I want to know what basis does this group get access to the Twin Towers land? Isn’t it privately owned or at least the city? Is it simply that this group petitioned Bloomberg?

The statement I hear about why a mosque there, is that they are trying to mend Muslim/West relations. I think the backlash has put to rest any illusions that a Mosque will not mend relations. But who buys that line any way? Are you telling me that is wouldn’t be a dream realized for Muslim extremists the world around to blow up our buildings (or anyone’s frankly) in order for a mosque to be built there. Talk about new motivation for terrorism. On just that fact alone and nothing else I say no! What message does that send? Don’t like something and want your stuff there? Then blow it up. Regardless of this group’s affiliation with terrorists or not. A mosque would be a pay off for such horrible acts.


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  1. I agree with everything you said, but the news said it’s a few blocks away from the World Trade Center, not on the property. Opponents tried to make the 152 year old building “landmark status” because it was hit with airplane debris but the commission said they’d have to make hundreds of buildings in the area ‘landmark status’ if that’s the case. So there you go. 🙂

  2. A couple of links for you:

    Site for the mosque and cultural center is two blocks away from Ground Zero on land currently (as of May 2010) occupied by a shuttered Burlington Coat Factory:

    Presumbly, the mosque supporters got rights to the land the way any church would get land rights, I guess they bought the land.

    Opinion piece in opposition to the mosque, on the basis that no religious shrines should be near ground zero:

  3. A Mosque is usually a place of worship for people of the Islam faith. They have the whole city to construct their obscene $100 million mosque and cultural center. It doesn’t must put placed beside the WTC. The globe trade center is really a

  4. I have to snicker when I hear “anti-big government libertarians” cry out for state support against the mosque. It appears that they only desire small government when it suits them personally. However, when it is in line with their wants, a intrusive government is just fine.

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