Quick Comic Book Rant

Ok, this is the first time I think I have admitted in the blogosphere that I read comic books. Well, I read some (nothing religiously) and I am a little annoyed right now.

Apparently they are going to kill off 1 off the Fantastic Four. Now why would you do something like that? Are you going to change their name to the Fantastic 3? Are you going to permanently sub in people or have them on a rotating basis (yes, I know they have temporarily subbed in people before)? This is ridiculous.

According to Comic Book Resources the betting odds have been released and things aren’t looking good for Sue Richards (Invisible Woman). So what you mess with the one solid marriage in the Marvel world. I mean if we are picking people, I am not Johnny Storm’s biggest fan. I think the guy is a bit of a putz. But still. Leave the Fantastic Four alone!

Onto another comic book rant. I just started reading Surrogates (the one the movie was based on) and had to put it down. Not only was the story line boring, but the art stunk!!!! Here you are in a society that has developed surrogate bodies but the art is so sketchy that you can barely recognize your characters. It looks like someone drew in a story board and then forgot to get the art done before sending it off to be printed.

Whew, that feels better. I had to get that off my chest! Night all!

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