New Years Geek Resolutions

@Cebsilver asked this morning over on Twitter if anyone had any geeky New Years Resolutions. Well, as a matter of fact I do;). This is the year I finally bask in my geek! I have a huge list of geek things I want to do both for geek fun and to be productive.

So starting with the productive geek (but not the blog stuff;). I want to take some old (very old) computers and piece together a NAS system (Network Attached Storage). NerdDad desires something in the 5 hard drive range but we will see the capacity for the machines. I want to take a desktop that we are currently running our tv off of and make it a true media system. I need to put ram, tuners, a dvr, speakers, etc. I also want to build out a new desktop system for myself and NerdDad. Possibly with a dual screen setup.

On the fun geek side! I want to try and make it to the GirlGeekCon up in Seattle this year. I want to make a point of gaming weekly!!! It doesn’t have to be anything serious, just regularly scheduled! I am going to fit in time for both the wii and Steam games. I am also going to keep up on my tech news through reading and podcasts. I am just going to have to make an appointment with myself.

I also have a list of movies to watch. Things like Goonies, Blade Runner and more!

So there are my geek resolutions. I will have more normal resolutions but that is a separate post;).

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