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The World is Ending Tomorrow!!!

aussie-earthOk, so maybe the world isn’t ending but go with me a minute. If the world was ending tomorrow what would you change about what you are doing today? What would your regret be?

I am not talking about the crazy “spend all your money” “never sleep” stuff. I mean really, what would your regrets be? Your priorities? Not telling you loved ones that you love them? Not laughing more? Not taking joy in your life?

Then take this as your wake up call and change your life!!!!! Reorganize your life, have fun, live, laugh and love!!!! Make Christmas a time to enjoy and start your New Year with a different view on life!

Go hug your kids, eat chocolate and laugh!!!!

New Years Geek Resolutions

@Cebsilver asked this morning over on Twitter if anyone had any geeky New Years Resolutions. Well, as a matter of fact I do;). This is the year I finally bask in my geek! I have a huge list of geek things I want to do both for geek fun and to be productive.

So starting with the productive geek (but not the blog stuff;). I want to take some old (very old) computers and piece together a NAS system (Network Attached Storage). NerdDad desires something in the 5 hard drive range but we will see the capacity for the machines. I want to take a desktop that we are currently running our tv off of and make it a true media system. I need to put ram, tuners, a dvr, speakers, etc. I also want to build out a new desktop system for myself and NerdDad. Possibly with a dual screen setup.

On the fun geek side! I want to try and make it to the GirlGeekCon up in Seattle this year. I want to make a point of gaming weekly!!! It doesn’t have to be anything serious, just regularly scheduled! I am going to fit in time for both the wii and Steam games. I am also going to keep up on my tech news through reading and podcasts. I am just going to have to make an appointment with myself.

I also have a list of movies to watch. Things like Goonies, Blade Runner and more!

So there are my geek resolutions. I will have more normal resolutions but that is a separate post;).