Pedialyte and Stomach Bugs

Stomach bugs are a nasty thing. What makes them nastier is when they hit big families! Usually it isn’t just one person who gets it and everyone else feels fine. That is why I try to keep a stock of supplies just in case it wreaks havoc upon us!

I remember back 6 ½ years ago. I had a 2 year old and a not quite 3 month old. My dear, sweet husband had to go to a class that work had paid for down in Los Angeles for 4 days. 24 hours before my loving husband left I got a stomach bug that was so bad I could barely walk. When he left I was still at the tablespoon full of water at a time because 2 would make me throw up;). So as life would have it, by the time I was barely able to have a quarter cup of water, the 2 year old had his first bout of the stomach flu! Poor NerdDad missed it;). So that meant that we were getting by on water and soda crackers for days until I felt I could venture to the store upright with both kids. Needless to say that with the sudden onset of the stomach flu (it was only September) I was not prepared at all! And it being my first experience with my own little one, I wasn’t prepared for what he would need.

I vowed it would never happen again! Now I always make sure to keep Pedialyte, soda crackers, and broth on hand. I do not skimp on the brand when it comes to Pedialyte, it is just too important. When we first started buying it I would get the big bottles because it is cheaper by the ounce but we never finished it. My kids were also kind of thrown off by the fruit punch because they don’t normally drink it. So I was stoked to find the tetra pack in the apple juice flavor! It is the perfect serving size and cools down quickly at the first sign of stomach issues!

So are you stocked up in case of stomach bugs? Here are some essentials for a well-stocked medicine chest from Pedialyte!

Learn more about how Pedialyte Singles in the Tetra packaging helps with dehydration due to cold and flu and download fun activities to keep on hand for those times when your child is at home sick. Please talk to your doctor before using Pedialyte. Pedialyte is to be used under medical supervision. I was selected for this product review by Collective Bias. All opinions are mine and were not influenced by any third party.

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