Consistency or Pompascity?

I can’t figure out it this is carrying a belief to a logical conclusion or if this is just the making of pompous jerks! We know that there were many people who said that we shouldn’t have gotten the tax cuts (which weren’t actually tax cuts but a continuing of the status quo) because the economy and Federal government need all of our pennies.

So in response to that some professors from Yale and Cornell have built a website called Give it Back for Jobs. They will calculate your tax cut and then you can choose a group to donate it to. I don’t know if they are just being consistent or just a bunch of pompous jerks.

My first question is: Did they do it? We don’t see anywhere how much their tax cut is or where they donated.
My second question: What are they claiming as “operating expenses”, ie going in their pockets? (yes, I am always the cynic)

Of course I disagree with their basic premise. I don’t believe that taxes will fix the economy but that is a separate issue. If this is really on the up and up, I am happy to see people following through on their own claims. If they think I shouldn’t have my tax cuts, I welcome them to go first and give theirs back;).


3 thoughts on “Consistency or Pompascity?”

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