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Minecraft Monday- Animal Farming

Hey! It’s Nerdalicious again! Just the other day I was asking my younger brother what he always wanted to know when he started playing Minecraft. He said how to shear and dye sheep, it may sound amateur, but it gave me a great idea to do a beginner’s guide to animal farming in Minecraft. Plain and simple.

Ok, the first thing you’re going to want to do when you begin farming is getting lots and lots of fences, of course, that’s only if you’re in survival. It’s easier to write this post assuming you’re in creative. So that’s exactly what I’ll do. So, like I said, you’re gonna need fence, and fence gates, to create enclosures for your animals. There are of course, much more elaborate, and effective ways of doing this. But this one is much easier, and it keeps the animals in. So this is the one I use. 

Now onto the animals. I have decided to talk about the most common farm animals in Minecraft. I am speaking of course of pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep. I will address each of these animals in turn and give a brief summary of their use.


Sheep are extremely useful farm animals because they are multi purpose. You can shear them, for wool, or kill them, for meat. When you shear a sheep, you obviously have to have shears in your hand, and all you have to do is right click it, it will usually drop 1-3 pieces of wool. When you kill a sheep, well, you kill it. Obviously, you can’t use it again, it will usually drop 1 piece of wool and 1-3 pieces of mutton. Oh, one other cool thing you can do with sheep, you can dye them! This is extremely useful, cause you use 1 dye and them whenever you shear the sheep it drops dyed wool instead of plain. Also when you mate 2 dyed sheep, say yellow and red, you get an orange baby! However when you mate two colors that don’t mix, say pink and light blue, the baby will be either pink or light blue.


Cows are also very useful, cause they are also multipurpose. You can milk them, or of course, you can kill them. When you milk a cow you simply right click it with a bucket, and it fills with milk. Milk is very useful as both a poison antidote and a crafting item. When you kill a cow, it will usually drop 1-3  pieces of beef, and sometimes 1 piece of leather.


Chickens can be useful, but you should usually have them in large quantities. Because they are so easy to kill. They give you eggs, and if you kill them they will usually give you 1 feather and 1 chicken.


Pigs are not very useful other than the fact that you can ride them using a saddle and a carrot on a stick, and you can kill them to get 1-3 pork chops. I mostly keep them around because, in my opinion, they are the cutest Minecraft farm animal; next to the baby chicken. 🙂

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you liked it.


Minecraft Monday- Cactus Farming


Hey! Today I’m going to teach you about cactus farming. Now, efficient cactus farming is a little tricky, because to do it correctly you need to build a special type of farm. It’s not very complex, but it is hard to explain. So I’ll try to explain it the best I can. Just so you know, it might take a little while to work out all the kinks, and everyone does it a little differently. 

First, you’ll want to make a sort of shell by digging out a hole big enough to make enough space for cacti, you’re gonna want to place the cactus at least 1 block apart, and then fill the hole with water. Next, you’re going to make a row of a block on 1 side, and behind a row that’s 2 blocks high. Then put a piston on the 1 block row behind each cactus, and on the 2 block row put a lever behind each piston. 

When you want to harvest the cactus you simply right click the lever to push the piston and cat off the second block of the cactus. See, when something touches the cactus it will destroy it and every cactus block on top of it; and since you put it on the row of blocks except for the bottom. Then the cactus will begin it’s growing cycle again, and you won’t even have to replant.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!


Minecraft Monday is Back!

Ta-da! Minecraft Monday is back! I am Nerdalicious, a fan of Minecraft Monday, and friend of the Nerd Family. Anyway, I thought for my first post, I’d just do an intro to Minecraft- surviving the first night. Plain and simple. I’m sure Nerdpie did something of the sort, but it is my belief that everyone does things a little differently. So I hope you find this article informational.

Ok, when I play survival I generally play with the All Biomes setting, you can do this by entering advanced world settings, and selecting custom. Not that hard. After I enter the world, I usually make my way to a Savanah biome, although any biome with hills or mountains will work, as my preferred house is in the side of the mountain, it is convenient, and you get materials out of it. Of course for this house, you will need a pickaxe of some form, which requires basic materials and a crafting table. Once I make my house, I generally look for sheep to get wool for a bed. After that, you’re pretty much set for the first night, but if you have more time, you might want to get some basic necessities. 

I hope you liked it!