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Minecraft Monday- Cactus Farming


Hey! Today I’m going to teach you about cactus farming. Now, efficient cactus farming is a little tricky, because to do it correctly you need to build a special type of farm. It’s not very complex, but it is hard to explain. So I’ll try to explain it the best I can. Just so you know, it might take a little while to work out all the kinks, and everyone does it a little differently. 

First, you’ll want to make a sort of shell by digging out a hole big enough to make enough space for cacti, you’re gonna want to place the cactus at least 1 block apart, and then fill the hole with water. Next, you’re going to make a row of a block on 1 side, and behind a row that’s 2 blocks high. Then put a piston on the 1 block row behind each cactus, and on the 2 block row put a lever behind each piston. 

When you want to harvest the cactus you simply right click the lever to push the piston and cat off the second block of the cactus. See, when something touches the cactus it will destroy it and every cactus block on top of it; and since you put it on the row of blocks except for the bottom. Then the cactus will begin it’s growing cycle again, and you won’t even have to replant.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!


8 Video Games to Keep Your Kids Moving

My girls shaking it to Smurfs Dance Party!
My girls shaking it to Smurfs Dance Party!

It is winter and around here that means rain and cold. But my kids are all still kids and they are homeschooled so that means I am stuck with the wiggles and all that energy. So what is a parent to do??? One of my answers is video games (or if they are really honery they get to do jumping jacks). There are some great activity based video games out there right now for all platforms. I only have experience with the Kinect and Wii platforms but I have hear the the Playstation Move system is pretty good too. But not all types of movement based games work for everyone so here are 8 games (separated out by game type) to keep your kids moving. Better yet, go join them and get some exercise too!!!

Sports Themed:
1)Wii Sports: This was kind of the original motion game that came with a lot of Wii systems, at least it came with ours;).
2)Wii Get Moving Family Fitness: This is made by Jumpstart and a ton of fun! We have played for hours and still haven’t tried everything! (Read move of my thoughts here)
3)Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection: This is a huge collection of sports all using the fabulous Kinect!!!
4)Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 : This is a real trainer system for honest to goodness workouts. It can totally fill in for the gym but the kids enjoy the activities too! (Read some of NerdDad’s thoughts)

Adventure Themed:
5)Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth: Once of my favorites! It gives your kids all the thrill of fighting each other without touching! It is also quite a workout!!!
6)Kinect Party Base Game: It is free and is a download from the Xbox Live Arcade. There are paid add ons but my kids really enjoy the base game. It has things to hit like Fruit Ninja. In one scenario your are King Kong in the city with buildings to step on and airplanes to swat at!

Dance Themed: I am conservative as to the dance games both on moves and lyrics but these 2 I love for all ages!
7)Just Dance Disney Party: This is a great game with both old and new Disney songs!
8)Smurf Dance Party: Great songs with fun dance moves! It is only available on the Wii and DS so no Kinect on this one. (Read more of our thoughts here)

Here are 8 great options to keep everyone moving when the weather doesn’t want to work with you;). Here in Fresno we also need this list when it is 100 outside so don’t limit yourself to the winter;).

Gamesville Reel Cash Critters

Ok, I admit it. My name is Jacqueline and I have a internet game problem. The problem is that I love them and if I am not careful I only play them instead of doing everything else;). So as to further my addiction I was introduced to Gamesville;).

Gamesville has a ton of fun games that don’t inherently take a ton of time. Your desire to sit there and play all day is a while separate issue;). But there is a free membership and a gold membership option. The Gold membership means no more ads!!! And you get/buy GV tokens to play with and win. (If you sign up through the links on this post you will get 10,000 to start with!)

One of the games I looked at was Reel Cash Critters. It a fun slots game with some twists. To start with you can actually win real, cash money in addition to GV’s! Like a normal slots game you choose your bet and of course the higher the bet the higher the payout. But you also choose how many rows to play. You can choose diagonals, v-shape, etc. And that definitely adds another dimension. Something else I like is that you can choose awesome and normal modes. The awesome mode just has brighter colors and it is nice to be able to turn that off if you are on a laptop battery instead of wall power.

There are a ton of other games on Gamesville too! I am a huge Big Money fan! There are all kinds of poker games, solitaire and so much more. There are also a bunch of cool puzzle games that I wasn’t familiar with too!

I will be spending many, many hours in the future on Gamesville;).

This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a Gamesville Gold Membership and compensation for my time investment and work on this campaign.

House M.D.: Critical Cases

One of the most addicting aspects of Facebook has to be the games. I mean, I am not the only one right?  I fall into the copious amounts of free, fun games that are all over Facebook. But with so many games you really only hear about the ones your friends play and there are so many more to choose from. The developers of these Facebook games have gone beyond developers that only develop for Facebook and apps. Now real game companies like Ubisoft are designing these Facebook games!

One such game is House M.D.: Critical Cases! This is based on the ever popular show House M.D., which I have loved for years! You come in as an intern and become part of House’s team. That means you will get all the dirty work! Be it searching through garbage, wheeling patients to tests or running a code blue! There are speed tests and logic games as tasks to help get information to help heal your patient. You earn money to pay for the treatments and gain experience to climb the ranks.

It is one of those great games that you can play for just a little bit or play for quite a while. I must admit, it is a bit addicting… The graphics are cute but detailed and the game play is very smooth. Everything you need to know is on one screen and it even has a map set up on screen that you maneuver through. All and all it is a neat little game. I haven’t played for hours yet but it does seem to be missing the most annoying part of many Facebook games, you don’t need to get or give gifts to your friends in order to play!!!

So what are you doing here still reading? Go, play House M.D.: Critical Cases and relax!!!


Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. #UbiChamps #CleverMD