Concept: Entertaining for Kids, Engaging for Adults



Finding games for the whole family can be very challenging. They are either too hard for the kids or super boring for the adults. What? Am I the only one? We are always on the hunt for games that the parents can play with the kids and with our adult friends. We found one of those games in Concept

ConceptplayConcept is a party game. It is sort of like Pictionary or charades but without the acting or drawing. You can compete individual or in rotating teams.

First the player (or team) draws a card. On that card are a variety of words or concepts. They are organized into easy, intermediate, and hard categories. You pick one of those items to describe to the rest of the table. 

Now this is where it gets really interesting, how you describe it. The board has a ton of squares on it. They have themes, colors, arrows, and so much more. (You have a sheet that give ideas as to what every square represent. ) Then you put markers on the board to try and communicate the item on your card to everyone else. The key is you get to pick out of the card. When they adults play we start with intermediate but the keys start with easy. 

It could be something as simple as rain or as hard as something like “Its not the end of the world”. You can used some markers to signify the primary idea and something else to bring in related ideas. You can really do all kinds of things. But you can’t talk. The only thing you can say is the word no. So that can help the group eliminate wrong guesses if they ask the right questions;). 

If someone guesses your word, concept, or quote you get 2 points and the person who guessed correctly gets one point! So this is a game where you want everyone to succeed. And you just keep going until you want to stop as a group, there is no “winning score”. It is so much fun! And with the adults playing the hard level, it is beyond hilarious. 

So on the nerdy side: Concept isn’t just a fun game. It really helps you learn a lot of communication skills. You have to think about your audience. What are your shared experiences that you can call on? What methods of logic and communication will they get? It is an awesome way to learn about knowing your audience, which is key in communicating with anyone. 

We absolutely love Concept and highly recommend it for families and parties of all ages. 

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2 thoughts on “Concept: Entertaining for Kids, Engaging for Adults”

  1. We love board games. You’re right – it’s hard to find one game to please everybody. I’m going to have my husband add this to his board game geek wish list 🙂

  2. I love games but YES, they are either SOOOO BORING or too hard for my kids. My son is now 8 so he’s starting to get in to some real games. But then he always wants to “make up his own way.” And it goes with out saying that is not fun. This game sounds really interesting!! Like twenty questions kind of.

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