Minecraft Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice



Dessert Week. Today I’m going to teach you how to make Minecraft desserts. I love to make Minecraft desserts they look so cool. I sometimes stumped to find the ingredients but when I am able to make desserts I am always glad. I have 3 desserts to show you how to make and I bet you will use them a lot.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These aren’t exactly your mama’s Chocolate Chip Cookies but I bet you will like them just as much. They are super good for your guy as they use less resources than wheat per food point. The recipe is Wheat in the middle left and right and Cacao beans in the middle middle. You will get 8 cookies for consumption which is scrumdiddlyumptious. It restores 2 food points. 

Pumpkin Pie 

This is Nerdster’s fave dessert on Minecraft because it is really cheap on resources and really good on food points. The recipe is a Pumpkin a sugar and an egg anywhere on the crafting table. Pumpkin pie is really good for you because you can get 8 food points from it. And you can stack to 64 so you can carry a weeks worth in one spot.


This is the most complicated dessert but it is very rewarding. The recipe is milk buckets in the top row (don’t worry after you craft it they will stay on the crafting table as empty buckets), sugar in the middle left and right, an egg in the middle middle, and wheat across the bottom. Cake is actually set down as a block before eating and is eaten in slices. You right click on it and you eat a slice. One slice is 2 food points making the whole cake 14 food points, You can’t stack more than on cake making them hard to lug around but they are great to have at home because all of the ingredients can be found around the farm.

I hope that this will help you to start your own confectionary business around Minecraft. Have fun with it!


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