12 thoughts on “File Your California Homeschool Affidavit!”

  1. My son is 5 and we want to start home school, he is already gone in a public school and I am just wondering if I need a affidavit with an established school for his age? Or is it 6 when he needs that? I tried to submit one and it kept printing me back to the age info. Thanks Kathi

  2. Thank you for the informative video. If I want to start homeschooling before the next school year begins. What would the process be.

  3. Hi, I am considering homeschooling my 7 yr old daughter. She is enrolled in a charter school at this moment, but for the past 3 weeks I put her into independent study because of the system that they are using my decision is towards homeschooling. My question is, she still has 2 more months till school year ends but can I pull her out from the charter school and start homeschool at this moment?

    1. You can pull her out but think about why you want to. Is it just because the system isn’t working great or is it actively causing a problem? It might be easier to just finish the semester. But you can pull them out now.

  4. I know in some states it is not required to have a highschool diploma or GED to homeschool your own children. Is this the case for california ? Or do they require a hsd or ged to homeschool your own children

  5. Hi there, have a 3 yr old and want to homeshool. When should I fill out an affidavit? Meanwhile…I will teach her at home (like a pre-school) but don’t need to report that to California?

    1. You do not file until your child is 6 years old. You do not need to file for preschool or even kinder. You don’t need to say it is a Christian school. If you file an affidavit you are a private school in California and can choose your own curriculum.

  6. May I ask which curriculum you use? Which program is the best teaching method or which program is best?
    If I would like to homeschool without any affiliation to a public or private school , which form should I fill out? Also, if I decided to follow a Christian homeschooling program do I need to fill out the affidavit (the part where it ask if I’m affiliated to a religious school)under Christian school ?

    Do you have any state homeschooling information? I’ve heard that they fund the curriculum. What is the difference between that and sole-independent legally homeschooling?

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