How to Negotiate a Discount

Ok, you know those people. Those that always seem to get a slightly better deal, better than advertised and certainly better than the one you got? Those opportunities are out there for you too but you just need some smart strategies to get them! It really boils down to knowing when and how to ask for them!

When to ask in Stores:
1) When the packaging is severely damaged (even if the product is perfect)
2) When the item has a small flaw that doesn’t effect how it works
3) When the item is damaged but fixable (and you are willing to fix it)
4) When you are buying a large amount (smaller, non-chain stores are best for this)
5) When you are buying for a group like a school or church. Then speak with a manager or assistant manager and not just a clerk.

When to ask for services:
1) Before a service is done unless something is done very poorly
2) When planning on having the same service more than once
3) When paying cash for said service
4) When paying on site so you don’t have to be billed

How to ask:
1) First, always ask if there is a standing store discount coupon out that you could get. (Stores like Macy’s, Lane Bryant, etc tend to have coupons behind the cash register you can get)
2) Ask if there is a policy in place for a discount.
3) If there isn’t a policy in place ask to speak with a manager or owner. As my momma always said, don’t ask someone who doesn’t have the power to say yes!
4) If it is due to a defect in packaging or item, point out how they might get stuck with it.
5) If you will be fixing it, point that out!
6) Ask with a smile!
7) Accept the no politely regardless if that means you won’t get it. Next time they might give it to you if you are a sweet person!

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