Saving Money with Groupon Coupons


(This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.)

I love Groupon. You know Groupon, right? It is the place to go for discounts on great experiences, meals, and beauty treatments. You get gift certificates for all those things at a discount because they are selling so many. But did you know that Groupon has coupons too? I didn’t until recently.  

I didn’t realize that Groupon has a ton of coupons for all kinds of retailers and shops. It is a super easy section of the site to use. You can browse through coupons of course. But I don’t usually have a lot of time for that so I use the alphabet index! It is basic, choose the letter of the store and then find it in the list. With the coupons you will see if it was used today and if anyone had a problem with it. 

One of the first shops that I had to find coupons for was the Naturalizer site.  Of course, shoes are where I look first;). Before sitting down to do this piece I went over to research what they had available for the Naturalizer site right now (I have used some of them in the past too). They had 23 different coupons and discount offers. Including a 25% off  site wide coupon, I really do need to go do some shopping after I finish this piece. 

They don’t just have online coupons either. They have printable in-store coupons for me. One of Nerdpie’s favorite stores is Charming Charlie. They have plenty of on-line coupons for Charming Charlie, don’t get me wrong. But Nerdpie and I love to hit the clearance rack at our local Charming Charlie. So we always check to see if there is a printable coupon to take in and there usually is! 

So if you haven’t found all the coupons at Groupon, what are you still doing here? If you know all about them, what is your best coupon you have found?


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