Free Building and Crafting Workshops

Home Depot has a monthly building clinic on the first Saturday of the month from 9am-12pm. It is completely free. The kids get to use Home Depot’s tools to build a project. In addition to the project the children also receive an apron, a commemorative pen and a certificate of achievement. It doesn’t look like you need to register for it.
Lowes has building clinics a couple of weekends a month. On the weekends there are clinics you have your choice of Saturday at 10 am or Sunday at 2pm the weekends they are doing them. They get an apron, goggles, a patch, and this month they are building wooden projects on the weekends of 6/9 and 6/23. Must register online

Michaels has a variety of craft events. Some are adult only and some are for children. Also some are totally free and some require the purchase of 1 of the supplies. For example they have decorated mugs where you purchase the mug and sometimes it is just free. They are also offering paid craft classes like Wilton cake decorating for 8-12 year olds for $15. The schedule is up for June but the next month isn’t always posted until the month has began.

These are year round deals but are especially great for summer fun!!!

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