Joss Reigns!!! A Glimpse at Marvel’s The Avengers

I got to see Marvel’s The Avengers (in 3D) and there are so many thoughts, great thoughts, that it might be hard to organize them;). But I gotta give it a go and I am not giving details because I will not ruin this movie for you!!!

For those who don’t know, I am both a comic dork and a huge Joss Whedon fan girl. I like the shows, movies, comic books and wed shows that he has done;). So I have to say that my expectations were extremely high which means the odds were very high that I would be disappointed but alas, I wasn’t.

The Avengers started off with a bang! In true Whedon style we jump right into the action that sets up the premise for the whole movie, then we got a title sequence;). The action was glorious, as expected of a big blockbuster. Black Widow was wonderfully written as expected with Whedon’s wonderful talent for writing strong women. I had heard people bemoan the fact that Norton wasn’t returning as the Hulk but Ruffalo was perfect for the role. His little half smile fit the role so very well. And of course the rest of our stars were born for these roles. I think Robert Downey Jr. isn’t even actually acting in the Stark side of the role;).

But the thing I loved the most was the story and dialogue. With all of the other movies in this Marvel franchise once I knew who the hero and villains were, I basically could map out the movies. I mean, they were all done well with nice effects and some great lines but you kind of knew what was going to happen. That is what I expect of comic book hero movie. But this one is different. The plot had not twists that didn’t expect but also huge plot lines that I had no idea were coming!

The dialogue was fast in true Whedon fashion. You will not get bored waiting for the next action sequence. The dialogue you saw in the trailer pales in comparison. The dialogue actually got as many cheers and audible laughs in the theater as the action got. It makes the movie! It gives it a dimension and depth that really makes the movie phenomenal! I also the fact that it was so clean! Captain America had quite a bit of innuendo and was stoked that this didn’t! My kids will be so happy to see it. There may be a birthday surprise for them after the crowds die down!

Oh, and it my first 3D movie. It is so worth an extra few bucks! And if you have any idea how cheap I am that is saying something;). The 3D effects weren’t just water coming at you and cheesy stuff like that. It was awesome.

Did I mention that I really loved this movie;)? Marvel should do whatever it takes in order to get Whedon to write the rest of this series!!!

Have you seen it? Do you have plans to see it?

(Disclosure: I was given a press pass from Marvel to see The Avengers for free but the opinions are all mine!)

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