5 Favorite Netflix Kid Shows to Binge!

Hello, I am here with my sister, Nerdpud, and we are here to share our 5 favorite Netflix TV shows. These are split up and have a little info without spoiling anything. In no specific order,

  • Skylanders

This is a show that I really enjoy. I have 4 of the 6 Skylanders games, so my expectations were set high. I was a bit let down when they didn’t keep all the voice actors, but it has a lot of stuff from the games, and a lot of the original characters as well. It shows the academy from trap team, a creation crystal, superchargers and more. Unlike the first two games, they jump in the show(Definite plus side.)! It has two seasons and a couple cliffhangers. FYI, NO STORY is related to the game. This is none cannon to the games. MSP (More seasons planned)!

  • Dragon’s Race to the Edge

This is a good show that takes a lot of commitment to get through, with a whopping FIVE seasons. However, it is great and totally worth it. It is in between How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2, and has a lot of new adventure. Plus, it explains things in the show. When you finish the series, watch the first movie again, and see what makes more sense. MSP!

  • Puss in Boots

A classic show about a minor character in the Shrek movies, this is packed with laughs. So many things that add on to his already pompous and stubborn character that make him more like a person. Watch every episode carefully, and you can realize things before Puss. (Not that hard, trust me.) Another five season series, this is written by two great men, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. MSP.

  • TrollHunters

A Sci-fi TV show about the existence of other creatures under our planet. This is a personal favorite of Nerdpud’s, as it is so cool. This show is full of funny characters, although needs a new theme. Part 1 is out and Part 2 is coming out Dec 15, so get ready! MSP

  • Spirit: Riding Free

I think Spirit is a good TV show for everyone to watch as a family, or even just for kids. I like how it appeals to girls through Aunt Coral and appeals to boys through Fortuna or Lucy’s father, and how you can always find a new adventure, even if that isn’t the one they are doing, and how sometimes you can figure out the mysteries before they do.

Hi, it is me, Nerdpud. All in all, these are the Nerdling’s favorite TV shows to watch, even though there are a lot of other things we like to watch. We agree that these truly are our favorite TV show to watch.

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