A Mother/Daughter Review of Maleficent


NerdMom’s 2 cents: I really enjoyed Maleficent! Before the movie came out, I was sure the effects in Maleficent were going to be fabulous but I had no faith in the story line. I figured it would be fine but meh. As a true geek, I went to see it for the effects and grandeur the movie was sure to deliver. Well, it delivered all the grandeur and it also delivered a wonderful story. I was very impressed! Maleficent was a fabulous movie! I don’t want to give anything away so it is hard to review it. But be sure, this isn’t just a case of the mean person was right to do what she did. But just as life is, the story is complicated and layered.

As to the intensity of the movie and kids. I was a little concerned after watching the trailers that Maleficent would be a little dark and scary. There are intense moments but overall it wasn’t that scary. My kids have all watched The Avengers and Captain America 2. I will have no problem letting any of my kids watch Maleficent but I am prepared to hold hands at a couple of points;).

Bottom line: I loved this movie! Now for 10 year old’s thoughts;).

From the NerdPie: I think that Maleficent was better then Frozen. Maleficent was all about humans coping with magic using the story of Sleeping Beauty. The graphics were so amazing, it almost seemed like fairies were normal. It’s cool how, unlike other Disney movies, every thing isn’t centered around love.

(Disclosure: I was graciously given press passes to see Maleficent with my daughter. All thoughts and opinions are mine!)

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