Because 2 Idiots Fell in Love


For those of you who don’t follow my Youtube channel (and why don’t you;) let me tell you something. The NerdFamily is buying a house and moving! It has been quite a journey this summer! From falling in love with a house we weren’t really looking for to trying to sell the house we are in to the new house having 2 types of termites.

And what is scarier? This is just the beginning of this journey. Due to the age of the house and everything, there will be lots of renovations that will be coming in the next few years. I don’t think I really can plan on ever being done. But the house is amazing!

But before our Escrow closes and the house is ours, why don’t you check out my video series so you know the story so far? You will even find out what I mean by the title;).

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