How to Decorate Your House in Minecraft: Part 1


So I am making a mini series about decor and this week I am starting on wool because there is so much to say about wool. Pretty much every thing you can make for decor is using wool because you can dye wool but beware it is pretty but it burns very easy so don’t have flames near it. Here are the major crafting items you will need later on with decor:

  • Beds: I know I have talked about this before but it is so helpful because it sets your spawn point. When you first start on a world you will be set down in a random place that becomes your spawn point. But if you make your house some where else then die at night you are in trouble because you are not in your house and you don’t have any weapons and the monsters are hunting! Scary! Once I die over 10 times before getting back to my house. But never fear the bed is here, when you sleep in a bed your spawn point becomes that bed. You can only go to sleep at night when no monsters are too close and you can get up any time, but you will be kicked out of bed in the morning. To make it put three planks across the bottom of the crafting table then three wool in the middle row. Later I will talk about dyes but for this it will not matter the color of the wool.
  • Pictures: These are really pretty in Minecraft but when you make a picture and you place it the computer randomly picks from a bunch of pictures that are different sizes so it can be hard to get the picture you wanted. To make them put wool in the center of the crafting table and sticks in all the other spots. Here, like in beds, the color of the wool does not matter.
  • Carpet: I love these! You can use them in floors to make your home have lots of colors. To make them you put in the crafting table two wool in the bottom middle and left. In these the color wool you have matters because the carpet will be the color of the wool.

 I hope you liked this weeks tips and later I will show you some cool things to do with them. Be sure to let me know if there was anything I missed.          


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