21st century kids

As the rate of technological changes increases (and we approach the Singularity), I’m fascinated with the world my children will accept as normal. Growing up, the 21st century was the future. For my kids, the 20th century will be before their time.

My children think it’s normal for TV programs to be paused and commercials to be skipped. That movies and music should come on shiny metallic discs. (They have never seen a vinyl record and are suspicious of audio tapes.) That you can make a phone call from anywhere. That news and weather information are always available on the computer. That there is a computer in the living room!

On Gizmodo today, I saw the end of something kids have “always” had to endure. I’m certain GyroBike, or something like it, will replace training wheels.

What typical things did you grow up with that kids today have no concept of? And what’s normal today that 21st century kids will see as icons of the past?

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