4th of July Phone Pics

I wanted to share some of my 4th of July pictures that I took with my Samsung Galaxy S4 that I received from Verizon!! These are totally untouched so please excuse the lack of cropping!
2013-07-04 21.25.29

Will I ever fall out of love with the site of fireworks in the dark? Even with the smoke they are still gorgeous!
2013-07-04 21.29.42

Seriously, this is just the S4 camera with the flash off. That is it!!! These are the best pictures of our yearly fireworks that I have gotten yet! I usually take my point and shoot out and might get 1 that is even worth editing.

2013-07-04 21.30.10

The shutter speed was pretty fabulous! The one bad thing… I was getting such great pictures I kept getting closer and closer like my camera was going to protect me;). Seriously, we had a ball on the 4th and I am stoked that I got some fab pictures!!!

Thanks again to Verizon for the Samsung Galaxy S4!!! I am loving it! But while they gave me the phone all thoughts and words are mine and mine alone!!!

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