Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival


I am such a West Coast girl. I have never been to Atlantic City and between the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Donald Trump, well I had a picture in mind;). But recently a few of my favorite bloggers were tweeting out pictures and fun things they were doing in New Jersey (#JerseyLove) and not only have they made me see beyond the bad MTV shows but I actually want to go!!

atlanticfwlogoThen my friend Rajean mentioned that there is an Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival! Not only is it 4 days of fabulous food but there are some big food names participating along with local talent! It starts July 25th and runs through the 28th. And if the pictures that are on their Facebook page are an indicator of the quality of food and the fun!!!

I wish I was going! Are you near by and going to be hitting the festival? If so you have to let me know how it is!! And I must say, it changing my mental New Jersey picture;).

(Disclosure: Caesars Entertainment was a sponsor of the #JerseyLove trip and this post is affiliated with that event.)

4 thoughts on “Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival”

  1. Food and wine are my middle names! What fun that would be, I visited the east coast once last year and I’m going to upstate NY next week…but this is something I would love! Can you imagine a road trip across the US hitting something like this in different states…one can dream!

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