6 Steps to Teaching Chores

6 Steps to Teaching ChoresMy goal as a parent is to have self sufficient kids, preferably by high school so we can test out those adult powers before they leave;). But how do you get a child from toddler to responsible? Not over night!

Chores and responsibilities are not something I usually reward on but growth I do! Here is a way to help your kids grow and at the same time, lighten the load on you too!


1)Pick 3 age appropriate chores/responsibilities that you would like your kids to have.

2) Find a reward. This will take about 1 month to fully earn or monetary pay out every week.

3)Make or print a daily chart. You can get templates here and you can even get some from Chuck E. Cheese that you can turn in for tokens!

4)Create a reward/even/loss statistics. For example if you have 16 checks nothing happens good or bad. If you have more than 16 you get your reward and if you have less than 16, there will be a consequence.

5)Make sure you demonstrate each chore/responsibility exactly as you expect it to be done!

6)Go for a month! After that, the 3 chores become part of your expectations and you get 3 new chores to learn!

These chores can be anything from throwing away the dirty napkins after dinner, brushing their own teeth or hair, or mowing the lawn. You shouldn’t have to remind them to do the chores if they are to get a reward!

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  1. Great tips! Our granddaughter is only 1 but I’m always saving tips and stuff on Pinterest for my stepdaughter to have when Bella grows up.

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