6 Ways to Clean with Baking Soda & White Vinegar


You don’t have to use caustic chemicals to clean around your house. Really! Lately we have all heard how great things like baking soda and vinegar are around the house. But you need to make sure that you apply the right treatment to the matching problem. Here are 6 ways to use baking soda and vinegar around your house!

1) Use a combination of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water as a carpet stain remover! Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the spot. Then use a cloth to blot, not rub, the spot. The 1 problem with this is it can get the spot cleaner than the rest of your carpet;).

2) Have a musty smell in your carpet? Sprinkle it with baking soda. Let it sit a little bit then vacuum it up. That is it!

3) Stinky garbage disposal? Seeing goop? Take baking soda (and a cut up lemon/lemon rinds if you have it) and dump it in the disposal. Flip the switch to grind it just a little bit. Let is sit a few minutes. Then dowse it with vinegar. Not only will it bit a good show, it actually does clean. Then let the whole thing sit if you have time.

4) Have a diaper pail or just a garbage can that has a musty bag? Sprinkle in some baking soda! I sprinkle it in the bottom of my garbage cans or diaper pails before putting the bag in. It keeps food (or diaper) odors away. At least until you have time to take out the garbage;).

5) Have a grimy shower or stove top? Or is that just me;)? I make up a mixture of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 Dawn. Gently mix it together and sponge it onto the surface. You don’t have to let it sit but more you do, the less work you do. Then you just wipe it off. It isn’t a miracle, you are going to have to rub some but it is just like using any other cleaner. Except I actually think it works better. It will prevent both mold and soap scum from developing in your shower! And the smell dissipates a lot quick than those bleach based shower cleaners!

6) Cleaning anything that has a hard surface and you have to wipe it? Use baking soda as an abrasive. It is gentle so you don’t have to worry about scratching! And it really seems to be effective.

There are so many other ways to use vinegar and baking soda but these are just a few to get you going!!!

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