7th Heaven and Schooling

7th Heaven had an interesting plot this week. One of the story lines was the 2 little boys’ teacher hit on Reverend Camden. Now in a previous episode she made it clear she was interested in him but this week she propositioned him. Right in school(but not in front of everyone). Reverend Camden went to the principal, who basically laughed him off, and asked for the kids to be transferred. After he had been humiliated by the principal, who told him it was all in his mind, he went to the hospital (and the show continued on). Then he returned after school got out and when all the teachers were together. He talked about how great and under paid most teachers are but that there are some corrupt teacher. This is how he told them he was pulling the boys out of the school.

I am outta here, I am outta of this wacky world of education where the lousy, immoral teachers are protected at the expense of all the other teachers. I am not waiting days or weeks or months to find the right teacher for my sons. Life is short and education is important. And to the rest of you, thank you, thank you for everything you do for the students in your classrooms everyday.

The reality is this is how I and many home schoolers feel. Most teachers are well meaning, sweet people. The immoral teachers, corrupt union system and a misguided educational system is the real reason many of us pull our kids out. Can we work out some of the kink by changing teachers, demanding specialization (either special ed or gifted ed) and trying to deal with our kids getting picked on? Sure, but by then it has been weeks, months or years and our children have missed out. Some of us aren’t willing to take that risk with our kids and their education. So we homeschool but, and I want this to be clear, I do not think most teachers are bad. As a matter of fact, I think they can be pretty great!

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