7th Heaven and the end of an Era

So I am watching my Tivo’ed episode of 7th Heaven from last night. After this week there is only one more. They kept showing a scene from the first episode and then would come back to the current. So of course, I am tearing up but why? I don’t like Eric and Annie Camden, matter of fact I want to know what denomination he is a minister in. They never mention Christ or God, I would never want to go to their church;). It hits me why I am so teary (no, not just because I am a chick;). This was one of the first shows NerdDad and I started watching when we first got married. We have gone from being newlyweds to parents of 3. 10 years later, 3 kids, it has been a long time and a show like 7th Heaven reminds us of this. You see the kids growing up into adults and it reminds you of how time has past.

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