A Beautiful and Feel Good Mother’s Day Gift

A great gift with a great blessing!

I know this is going to be a shock but Mother’s Day is Sunday;). I know, you were planning on shopping tomorrow of Saturday. It is a common story….

So let me recommend a great set of gifts. Get Mom a piece from Macy’s Heart of Haiti. Mom gets something beautiful(jewelry, decor, etc) and you all can feel good about supporting a great cause!

The products are actually made by artisans in Haiti! This beautiful work helps support and feed these artisans in Haiti! And we all know how economics work. So by introducing new capital into the society it will help the entire community!

This is an opportunity to be deliberate with our shopping and encourage new industry in an area that needs it desperately!

I love this metal heart that I received! And there is so many other well priced, beautiful pieces! You have some many choices both online and in many of the Macy’s stores. So what are you still doing here? Go shop!!!

(Disclosure: I was given this beautiful piece to review!)

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