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“In a world of rugged individuals we strive to be individuals who make up a rugged family.” That was my first thought when I heard the phrase “Making Together Better” and the contest Brica is holding for Type A Conference sponsorship.

I know, I sound a little corny but we can say that “making together better” is really good summary of Nerdad and mine’s life mentality. (Frankly, I would include the kids but they are a little young to have a well defined life mentality.;) In today’s society it is easy to have great activities going all the time but family completely isolated for each other. And frankly, we didn’t go through all the trouble of have 4 kids to not enjoy life with them;).

We apply “make together better” in a variety of ways! 1 way is to use it as a threshold when we decide what “extra” activities we do! And I mean for all of us, including mom and dad! While I would love to be a killer blogger who is on every story and every headline and hits every awesome conference. NerdDad would love to have phenomenal software business. The kids would love to take Irish dance, choir, Awana, Robotics, be in a drumming group, Boy Scouts, Heritage Girls, sports and play with their friends every day.

There just isn’t time to do all that and spend time as a family, much less eat and sleep. So we have decided to plan our schedules to make not only our individual lives better, separate from each other, but make our lives better together as a group.

So we do! There is only so much time so if an “extra” activity can bring value to the whole family, it gets a priority!

When I decide what blogging things I attend and focus on I take my family into account! I love working on video games and movies and tech because I enjoy that with my family so much! NerdDad sometime chooses to spend his extra development time making a game for the kids because it brings a value to the family! The priority activities for the kids are ones that more one of them can do! Robotics is a huge priority because not only do a couple of the kids do it but NerdDad coaches!

Not to say that we never do anything that only 1 person will enjoy but those activities have to fit around everything else! We are not a family who smiles upon the idea of always having to be on the go or eating in the car for us. Not that it is wrong, just not what we want;).

We make together better by making together a priority!

Thanks to Brica for the opportunity to try to win a Type A sponsorship! Check them out at their website as well as Facebook and Twitter! And if you feel so inclined tell them I should win;).

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  1. Very interesting article it is, very nicely you have focus on small things which we face everyday in your life but we didn’t care about it. Your title is even very catchy.

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