A Case for Homeschooling

So I have decided to address specific issues given to me by my non-homeschool friends. These are wonderful parents who, on the whole think homeschooling is a wonderful idea, but are afraid it isn’t for them. This is being discussed a lit right now because a bunch of us has kids that will be going into kindergarten next year.
1. Time, Time, Time: Ok, you are preaching to the choir. None of us have enough. Really homeschooling is a more efficient use of time. As our children start attending school the main complaint I hear from my friends is that they have become professional chauffers. You drive them to school and then all the activities. Well, eliminate the driving to school and that frees up a lot of time. As I am doing preschool I start asking around as to how much time I should be devoting. One friend (who is homeschooling 4) said about 1/2 hour 3 times a week for preschool Then start at 1/2 a day for kindergarten and add 1/2 every year until 4th grade. There are sites that advocate an hour a day, 3 hours a day, and 5-10 a week. That is also considering all homework and independent time. Considering the 2 hours a day you spend taking kids to school? I think that more than makes up. Then school is done and you can form your own schedule.
2. Can I really teach them?: Between the wonderful curriculm available and the tutoring clubs for kids in traditional school I say of course. Traditional, we all went through high school. I recommend that you read the lessons before them but are you smarter than your 3rd grader? I hope so;). Also think about all the time most parents spend on homework, reading logs, etc. Aren’t you already teaching them?
3. Cost? I am amazed at the great deals that are out there. There are used books, workbooks at Costco and libraries that carry a ton of great books. I bought brand new Explode the Code workbooks at Majesty Bible and Gifts for about $5 each. I also bought a 2 workbook set for kindergarten in Math and reading for less than $12. I just have to watch my Starbucks.
4. I work so I am going to send to private school.: Well, in my area tuition is roughly $5000 a kid, a year. So if you have 4 kids….$20K a year. That means pretax you are looking at 30K a year. The question becomes, do you need to work if you take them out of that pricey school? Not to mention all the people reading this saying, “No one can afford 4 kids”. Well, not in private school.

There are many pluses to homeschooling and I am not going to present all of those. These are for all of you out there looking at homeschooling but think you can’t or for any of us who happen to know these people. Later I am sure I will present why homeschooling is superior to public school And as all of you are saying “I lived through that” just think, is that all you want for your kids…suvival? But that is another day.

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