A Day in the Life

This week is the last week in Heart of the Matter’s Not Back to School Blog Hop. The subject is A Day in the Life. I fully take advantage of the flexibility of homeschooling so no 2 days really look a like;). But my week’s do have some familiarity. The only things we do for school every day is a math exercise and a 5 problem grammar exercise, but that is only for the 4th grader and the 2nd grader. So here are the basics!

Monday and Wednesday are big school days. I try not to have any errands those days. We do breakfast and then after clean up we jump right in. I try to get a little of my work done when they are doing their¬†independent work;). Then we do a little group work, like reading our history. Then on Mondays we head off to dance! Then we have afternoon reading time. After that you just do stuff you haven’t gotten too!

Tuesday and Thursday are crazy days. We have choir and science on Tuesdays and I have Bible Study on Thursdays. In the off times from their activities they are in the homeschool room doing independent homework.

Friday is a day I try to keep light. Every few weeks we have a play date and we finish up any left over work.

Saturday is activity day! This is the day we do art project or experiments, so on and so forth! Then NerdDad is home to help with the chaos and have some fun!

Sunday does have a little homework. The older 2 have to read the section in the Bible that Christian Studies will focus on!

So that is our life, what does yours look like?

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  1. Sounds like a good scheudle. We school four days a week. Friday mornings are spent at co-op (American Revolution Studies and Poetry for the oldest and Art and Prairie Living for the younger two. We spend our Friday afternoons at play group. We also spend some evening and weekend time at the girls’ dance classes and my son’s shooting sport meets.

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