A January-December Romance

Not bad, eh? I wish I still looked like that;).

Danielle over at Babble posted about the 51 year old actor that married the 16 year old (with her parent’s permission). Here is my take! Along with my senior picture. That child (me) was definitely not ready to get married!

3 thoughts on “A January-December Romance”

  1. I can’t agree with you more, parents can’t relinquish morals and standards and then wonder why their children act out.

  2. 51? Gross.

    I was 17 and ready to be married. To each their own. Oh and my husband was 5 years older than me.

    I think there are too many laws as it is.

  3. To me 5 years isn’t all that much. But did you have to have a parent sign off? I don’t believe that parents should be part of committing you to a life long contract.

    The other question is, do you think a little more maturity might have made the early years of your marriage just a little smoother?

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