Code is a Tool

Today this talk from the Evo conference was shared with me. Maya Bisineer did a great job of talking about how code is a tool that we need to teach our children, especially our girls, so they can use it to make their dreams come true. I couldn’t agree more!

But the lack of coding and teaching coding is just evidence of a problem in our society. People just throw their hands up when they can’t do something that would give them what they want.

I mean how prevalent is it that people say how they can’t cook and how much they hate that they can’t cook? Rather than learn and equip themselves they don’t try because it isn’t their passion. But cooking is a skill that gets you something and that something can change everything.

I think that is why my passion is equipping people! I want to make people feel that they can learn how to do just about anything they desire to do! Be it homeschooling, cooking or just playing with technology.

We need to be willing to learn the skills and how to utilize tools to help up express our passions and change the world! And we need to pass that onto our children. And I agree with Maya, lets start with coding!!!

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