A Roll of the Dice

So here we are for the 2nd of the 2 episodes of Hell’s Kitchen for this week! Will Salvatore finally be driven out? Will Fran be the next woman out the door?

Aww, Ramsay took Salvatore aside and said that he hasn’t given up on him. That Sal has to bounce back when Ramsay says something to him. Scott and Salvatore got up early and Scott was helping him.
Next challenge! Each chef will roll a die to get a letter for an ingredient. Scott asked Ramsay to blow on the dice, he said no but not that nice;). When they roll a letter they come up with the ingredient within 10 seceonds. So the blue team had halibut, endive, salsify, crab, peas, and bacon. The red team had beets, shallots, mango, ham, turnips, and duck. The red team bombed out! No one would let Salvatore help. Both teams’ dishes turned out well. The winners were the men because there was raw fat on the red team’s duck.
The punishment was cleaning the entrance hall and prepping both kitchens for service that night. The guys got to go sky diving. Jason was not happy about going sky diving. But it was actually a wind tunnel. Of course JP did white glove inspections in the entrance hall before the girls could prep the kitchens. The girls apologized to the guys as they walked in about prep. We will see how bad a job they did in prepping and nothing makes Ramsay hotter than a sabotaged prep. Maria started crying during prep because things were being done well and things may not get done. This is not a good sign. I have a feeling there is a mid-service breakdown in her future.
So we are going to have the return of the Chef’s Tables. The red team will have Kevin Frasier and his wife. The blue team will have Debi Mazar and her chef husband. It was also a star studded night in the dining room.
Then service starts. Scott is trying to “help” Jason and was driving everyone nuts. Jason starts the blue team off well with appetizers. Siobahn messed up the first appetizers by putting lobster into the pasta instead of crab. Then Salvatore gave Ramsay raw fish. Siobahn gave Ramsay lobster again and come to find out, the containers were mislabeled. Overall the appetizers on both teams seemed to finally go well. Then Salvatore and Nilka both start off entrees well. Then Ramsay took Autumn to task for using tongs on the fish and tearing it up. Then Scott messed up the beef. Nilka was having a great day on the meat station. Scott on the other hand was bombing hard. The shocking thing is that both sides seemed to have no problems with their Chef’s Tables. Eventually it seemed that Scott pulled it out a bit.
They completed service within 2 1/2 hours so that was a much better job than anything we have seen this season. There wasn’t a winning and losing team. Instead he had Nilka and Salvatore each pick 1 person to put up. Nilka has to decide between Siobahn and Autumn. I really think that the guys had more real issues so I think who ever goes up may go home. But Ramsay did say that he didn’t think Autumn respected the ingredients and that is a huge thing with him. Salvatore was struggling because he was feeling that Scott really messed up. But he doesn’t want to put his only friend up.
In the end Nilka chose Autumn. Salvatore chose Scott. I felt bad for the guy because this is the chef who helped out Salvatore but he did screw up big time. Ramsay called Autumn the appendix of the red team and he called her soulless. Apparently she left a phd program to cook. Scott said he was to busy helping everyone else. Ramsay said he talks like a politician and isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Ramsay put Autumn in the blue team and Scott in the red team.
It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change on the teams. Will Autumn drag down the blue team or will Scott drag down the red?

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  1. I didn't actually read your post!! I just skimmed it because I haven't seen it yet. I am going to watch it this weekend! 🙂

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