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We Burn Once Again!

It seems like forever since this season started. That annoying World Series seemed to postpone everything;). But we are back with the second half of Hell’s Kitchen. So let’s jump right into the snark!

The girls were very relived when Gordon Ramsay put Trevor back on the boys’ team. He is so annoying, I am a little shocked he didn’t just get tossed out too! It looks like we are heading into a room service challenge. Every show I have seen this challenge on never has it worked out well for the chefs;). Apparently it is a bit more of a palate test. Only 1 of the 4 dishes were actual 5 star food. Everyone had to pick there favorite. Then they did the blind taste test. Always a winner!

The one I always feel bad for is telling the different types of fish apart. Ouch! Gail thought black truffles were watercress. I haven’t had white asparagus but apparently it taste like bok choi. Both Sabrina and Rob thought that filet mignon was chicken. What the heck? Then they got worse! They didn’t get 1, either of them. The girls won! Nona had the best palate with 3 out of 4!

Their reward was to go to Restaurant 14 with a shopping spree first. The boys punishment was to sort all the trash for recycling. The girls liked their activity, the boys hated theirs;). The boys are not happy to have Trevor back and they are doing the big freeze out. If anyone is going to look bad, they will make sure he does.

Jumping into service, both teams actually started well! Then Rob stumbled onto a challenge, scallops. Gordon Ramsay ended up coming over and making the order for him. I was surprised that Sabrina got away taking control but they seemed to do well. Back on the boys’ side, Rob once again had a problem. This time it was halibut. Ramsay gave Rob 5 minutes to wake up or get tossed. Then the girls’ team seemed to lose their lead due to Nona not managing the meat station. Then she wanted fight with Ramsay about if the pan was hot enough. So he tossed her and told Sabrina to run the meat station. Then Vinnie messed up spinach and gnocchi so he was tossed out. Then Russell put up raw chicken and got tossed to. So it was just Rob and Trevor left in the boys’ kitchen. The girls were cruising along pretty well while Rob got tossed for raw halibut. The sad part was even after Ramsay told him to get out he still didn’t know that the halibut was raw. Then Trevor put out the rest of the boys’ food.

Sabrina and Gillian got nods from Ramsay. The losing team was the blue team with Trevor picking out 2 to put up. Ramsay called Nona aside and gave her a talking to about arguing with him. But he gave her kudos for her palate. I think that Trevor should put up Rob and Vinnie. But Russell is a jerk and is a definite possibility. Trevor put up Rob and Russell. Trevor said that Russell was supposed to be driving the team but all he did was yell. Ramsay tossed Rob.

So who is next to go?

And the Kitchen Burns On

Come on, its Hell’s Kitchen. So I went for the easy imagery;). So we are a couple of episodes in and we are starting to see faults and personalities. So will the Blue team beat the snot out of Raj? Will the Red team have more great services? We shall see!

At 3 in the morning up come the Paramedics. The paramedics check them all out and then the chefs are sent downstairs. So each kitchen had to cook breakfast for 50 EMTs. Before any plates could go out the chefs had to send out fruit salads for the tables. The girls automatically had multiple people on the fruit salad while it took the guys awhile to get the hint. The girls were flying but Boris was burning the egg white omelets. Emily let the bacon burn so Sabrina and Melissa had to cook bacon on the fly. Then Raj screwed up the eggs and when Ramsay called him on it he started talking back. And we know how much Ramsay loves that. Needless to say, there was some cussing that happened. I forsee the girls finishing the guy’s food. The Red team was on their last table before the blue team got a table out. Then the girls went over to the boys side and pushed out their food.

The girls got to go to Santa Monica for the day and go to trapeze school. The guys got to polish stemware and clean kitchens for a punishment. Raj was useless and it wasn’t a surprise. Trev has lost it with Raj and they were going toe to toe. Boris stepped in to calm Raj down.

So as we go to prep, we find that Sabrina doesn’t want to prep and isn’t very helpful about it. They had to make culinary cocktails. Sabrina and Trev are in charge of those. And then service starts. 18 minutes into service and the first apps are coming out on the red team. But they quickly got sent back because it was to salty thanks to Emily.  Raj was changing Ramsay’s recipe with the salmon and Melissa was over cooking fish. Then Raj sends up raw fish. Vinnie ended up cooking Raj’s salmons. If the guys lose, then Raj has to go! Then Gail is torching meat and very chilled about it.  But then Raj bulked cooked the sole and Ramsay wouldn’t serve it. But then they ran out of the sole. So Raj had to go tell the customers but he didn’t want to go out because he was all messy. But he still had to go. While Raj was out the Blue kitchen started flying!

Ramsay couldn’t pick a winner. So he looked at the comment cards and the girls lost by 1%. So the girls had to put up 2. Emily seemed to be over whelming first choice. Then the second spot came down to Sabrina and Melissa. Sabrina was who was settled on due to her lack of prep. In her defense, Sabrina basically told off her team. But in the end, Raj got tossed! Woohoo!!! I was afraid that they were drag out the Raj drama for weeks.

See you soon for episode #4 of the season!

New Hell’s Kitchen! Night 1 Part 2

And we are back for the second episode in the premiere night of the new Hell’s Kitchen!

Of course they did the early morning wake up. We got Iron Chef Morimoto!!! They had to duplicate a couple of his sushi piece that he demonstrated for them. Morimoto brought knives and the winning team got to keep theirs. They were doing it in pairs. The guys once again one. The guys got to go to San Francisco for a wine tasting while the women has to prep for sushi to be served at service.

Of course Sabrina and Nona had to take rice delivery together and Sabrina is talking smack. Then they got one of Ramsay’s special dinners. And Sabrina puked a lot.

Then we get to service night. 1 chef from each team had to be an assistant maitre de, Jillian and Vinny. Jillian came up quickly with a ticket and Vinny had issues. It took him over 30 minutes! How hard is it to take an order? Hey! Ramsay liked Gail’s rissotto! Always nice when that actually happens.  There were issues with the Blue team getting out sushi. Only part of one table got any apps by the time that Red was going on to entrees. But Red was having beef issues. Then Vinny was telling his tables that if they ordered sides that it would take a lot longer because he didn’t think Raj couldn’t get the sides out. Ramsay had a fit and tossed him!!!

Emily admitted that she can’t cook meat when they were still waiting for her beef. Boris has decided that he is the Blue team captain and was getting in the middle of everything. 2 hours in and the Blue team still hasn’t finished their apps. Melissa was messing up garnish so Ramsay sent her to switch with Jillian. Curtis continues to screw up the sushi so he was tossed. Then Ramsay saw Raj’s prepped pot of garnished and Ramsay tossed him our too. Then Ramsay tossed the rest of the Blue team out after they messed up walnuts on a dish.

Back in the dorms the boys were ready to throw down. And when Raj called them kids, it all came lose. The girls finished their dinner service. So of course the Blue team lost. And they said they were put up Raj and Curtis. But then some of them were talking about how bad Boris was. So when Ramsay asked who was up. First was Raj and Raj said that they lied. Then they put up Boris because he thought was superman and was pushing people off their stations. So Ramsay called them up and added Vinny to the mix.

When Ramsay asked why he should stay… Raj said he was a slow learner but almost had it down. After talking to everyone Ramsay decided to send Curtis home.

So, lots of personalities in this season. I think that means it can be really interesting or really ridiculous and only time will tell.

New Hell’s Kitchen! Night 1 Part 1

I can’t believe that there is already a new season of Hell’s Kitchen! They are really crowding them in but that is fine with me! The new intro was interesting. Very “in a city, in a town” style and probably the same voice guy;). If the intro is any indicator, we are in for a lot of fighting and yelling.

No JP!!!! Not cool! But they are got whisked away to LA Market, which is the prize restaurant. Before Signature Dish time. What were some of these women thinking? Emily was busting out! Ramsay made her cover up! But at least her food was good. Ramsay jumped right in on everyone. Sabrina was yawning while Ramsay was doing the judging (not of her) and he seemed to come a bit unglued. The gumbo was so bad that he made everyone try it, after it made him throw up. Of course there were lots of disappointments and it was only 1 point apart as we got to the last 2. Tired Sabrina actually impressed him. Raj, who you know has just too much personality, had the weirdest seafood pancake. But Antonia’s dish (the gumbo) was deemed the worst dish so the girls lost the tie.

The punishment was to wash up for both kitchens. The boys got champagne, caviar and massages. Raj drinks a little much and starts doing karate. Once again, I think he is going to have too much personality.

The next day starts off and Antonia is sick. Her head was hurting and she passed out. She came to and was rushed to the hospital.

We found out that in addition to it being the chefs 1st service, it is also James’. This time there was a new thing. They are starting with mini pizzas as a pre-ap and each team is having a chef take that order. The first appetizers actually cam on the red team right! Now on the blue team, Trev drowned a salad. I am not sure how Melissa could have raw pizza. While Ramsay was correcting the Red team, Boris was mocking him and Ramsay caught him. It wasn’t pretty, I hope he can cook.

It took over an hour before a tables worth of apps went out on the Blue team. Sabrina on the Red team decided to get her meat done before anything else was done for the table. When she took it up Ramsay was pissed.  Boris and Raj couldn’t get the pizzas made for the Blue team while Lisa was sending up raw fish. 2 hours in, no entrees and people are leaving. And at that point it was over.

Each team was to nominate 2. On the Blue team they put Raj and Trevor. Over on the Red Team they had a bit more of an argument as to who to put up. Lisa was a gimme that everyone seemed to agree on. Sabrina want to put up Nona after her fried chicken signature dish. Nona wanted to put up Sabrina for not being a team player. They ended up nominating Lisa and Sabrina. Antonia was not going to be returning to Hell’s Kitchen.

It came out that Raj has been cooking longer than Ramsay. Sabrina was fighting for her life. So she said Lisa was old, Nona thought fried chicken was fine dining and snores and so much more.

Lisa ended up going home. But Sabrina has made permanent enemies.

(Next time, more snark with less documentation;)

A Roll of the Dice

So here we are for the 2nd of the 2 episodes of Hell’s Kitchen for this week! Will Salvatore finally be driven out? Will Fran be the next woman out the door?

Aww, Ramsay took Salvatore aside and said that he hasn’t given up on him. That Sal has to bounce back when Ramsay says something to him. Scott and Salvatore got up early and Scott was helping him.
Next challenge! Each chef will roll a die to get a letter for an ingredient. Scott asked Ramsay to blow on the dice, he said no but not that nice;). When they roll a letter they come up with the ingredient within 10 seceonds. So the blue team had halibut, endive, salsify, crab, peas, and bacon. The red team had beets, shallots, mango, ham, turnips, and duck. The red team bombed out! No one would let Salvatore help. Both teams’ dishes turned out well. The winners were the men because there was raw fat on the red team’s duck.
The punishment was cleaning the entrance hall and prepping both kitchens for service that night. The guys got to go sky diving. Jason was not happy about going sky diving. But it was actually a wind tunnel. Of course JP did white glove inspections in the entrance hall before the girls could prep the kitchens. The girls apologized to the guys as they walked in about prep. We will see how bad a job they did in prepping and nothing makes Ramsay hotter than a sabotaged prep. Maria started crying during prep because things were being done well and things may not get done. This is not a good sign. I have a feeling there is a mid-service breakdown in her future.
So we are going to have the return of the Chef’s Tables. The red team will have Kevin Frasier and his wife. The blue team will have Debi Mazar and her chef husband. It was also a star studded night in the dining room.
Then service starts. Scott is trying to “help” Jason and was driving everyone nuts. Jason starts the blue team off well with appetizers. Siobahn messed up the first appetizers by putting lobster into the pasta instead of crab. Then Salvatore gave Ramsay raw fish. Siobahn gave Ramsay lobster again and come to find out, the containers were mislabeled. Overall the appetizers on both teams seemed to finally go well. Then Salvatore and Nilka both start off entrees well. Then Ramsay took Autumn to task for using tongs on the fish and tearing it up. Then Scott messed up the beef. Nilka was having a great day on the meat station. Scott on the other hand was bombing hard. The shocking thing is that both sides seemed to have no problems with their Chef’s Tables. Eventually it seemed that Scott pulled it out a bit.
They completed service within 2 1/2 hours so that was a much better job than anything we have seen this season. There wasn’t a winning and losing team. Instead he had Nilka and Salvatore each pick 1 person to put up. Nilka has to decide between Siobahn and Autumn. I really think that the guys had more real issues so I think who ever goes up may go home. But Ramsay did say that he didn’t think Autumn respected the ingredients and that is a huge thing with him. Salvatore was struggling because he was feeling that Scott really messed up. But he doesn’t want to put his only friend up.
In the end Nilka chose Autumn. Salvatore chose Scott. I felt bad for the guy because this is the chef who helped out Salvatore but he did screw up big time. Ramsay called Autumn the appendix of the red team and he called her soulless. Apparently she left a phd program to cook. Scott said he was to busy helping everyone else. Ramsay said he talks like a politician and isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Ramsay put Autumn in the blue team and Scott in the red team.
It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change on the teams. Will Autumn drag down the blue team or will Scott drag down the red?

College Food

We are back for a double episode of Hell’s Kitchen this week! Does this mean 2 or 4 will get tossed? This season has already had a lot of scheming and drama so nothing would surprise me. But I am only going to do 1 hour at a time because they are actually 2 episodes.

So we start off with Jason losing it because he felt thrown under the bus. We will see how badly that effects the blue team’s service. Then we find out that Hell’s Kitchen is serving lunch. They are serving burgers, fries, etc. It is to get them to communicate because they only have 30 minutes to prep and who ever finishes serving their side first wins. They were feeding the USC marching band and cheerleaders. The red team starts off strong getting their salads out with 2 of them working together. But Jamie started having a problem with burgers. Then the blue started catching up but then Ramsay found raw burger. Of course we end up with both teams having 10 left. Down to the last minute and both teams were down to fries but the women won!
So the girls were going to the Malibu Beach Inn while the guys were helping Heal the Bay. They were cleaning up the LA River. The guys expected more of a river instead of the cement they found. Apparently they don’t remember it from all the movies or tv. When the girls get to the beach they are challenged to a soccer game by Ramsay and his whole family. The Ramsay’s skunked them;)!
Fran burnt her hand and chose not to tell anyone how bad it was because she wanted to be in the service. 1 person from each team will be assistant maitre de’s. It is Holly and Salvatore. Salvatore comes in with his first ticket and Ramsay gives it back because he can’t read it. Apparently Salvatore can’t write in English so JP is helping him. But the girls got a ticket earlier but Maria had problems with her risottos. Milka helped her out her first few to get her on track. Scott wanted to keep Ed off his station but he messed up the first appetizers. Then Jason was having problems on the garnish.
The blue team got back an entree because the customer wanted done and it wasn’t on the ticket. Ramsay was reaming Salvatore and Salvatore said he couldn’t take it. JP convinced him to stick it out. Then Holly had to bring back something but the kitchen had actually screwed it up. Then Fran was really inconsistent with the meat and wasn’t getting it out. But at least she asked for help. Once again the blue team was waiting on garnish. Scott tried to come over and help Jason and Jason wasn’t handling it well. Jamie on the red team was also struggling on the garnish station. Siobhan came to help but then that caused problems on her fish station. While the women were struggling, the blue team seemed to be doing a lot better.
Fran was still messing up but also having a lot of pain. She told Autumn but didn’t want to see anyone so then had to try and keep everyone quiet so she didn’t have to go off and see the medic. But Ramsay demanded to see her hand and sent her to the medic. The medic wrapped her up and she went back in. She says that if she gets thrown under the bus over it, that would be wrong. But I think Fran told everyone at the end so she had an excuse. Because she was bad as far as the food was concerned.
In the end the guys pulled it out due to Benjamin’s good meat so they won. The red team had to come up with 2. Of course Fran was the first but then it was between Jamie and Maria. Part of Jamie’s problem is that no mater what she says that she has it. They ended up nominating both Fran and Jamie.
Ramsay ended up cutting Jaime because he believed the Fran could fight back.

Hell’s Kitchen Finale!!!

As you may or may not have noticed, I didn’t do a recap last week but to sum it up… We saw both the rise and fall of Tenille. So who will win this week? They have all been so up and down, I have no idea who will win. I think if Dave can physically make it I think he has a great shot at winning!

So the 3 finalists have to make cuisine from around the world. Ariel has to do China, Dave India and Kevin got Mexico. They got 45 minutes to make their entree. Dave was totally befuddled as to Indian cooking. Ramsay brought in Vikas Khanna, Thomas Ortega, and Eddie Wong to help judge. They are all big chefs in their area of cuisine. Ariel completely lost it when trying to present her food. Ariel’s food was not a big hit. Kevin forgot to put his sauce on the plate. That was the element that really made it Mexican because it was just a pork loin but with a mole sauce. I think the other Mexican element was tequila in the marinade. Ortega didn’t go for his dish but the other 2 liked it. Dave chose pork for his protein and that wasn’t good due to the Muslim population. But his food tasted good. Dave’s Indian dish won!
Dave’s reward was that each guest judge was going to cook their signature dish for Dave. Ramsay specifically said he should ask lots of questions. Dave’s sister and fiance also joined him for lunch. He also got a complete set of cookware. The punishment was prepping the kitchen, prepping the dining room and stocking the bar. Kevin was a little bitter because he believed that if he would have served the sauce he would have won.
They all get into the kitchen to start service. Ramsay let them know that they are all going to get a turn to run the pass. The night seems to start off very well. Then Kevin takes over at the pass. Ramsay is up to his normal tricks to check quality control. So Scott changes the type of fish he takes up to Kevin. Then Ariel started having issues with her lamb and Kevin wasn’t listening to her. So the kitchen hit a stall.
Then it was Dave’s turn at the hot plate. Dave went a little nuts. Scott told him to watch as he was telling Scott to use a wooden spoon. He was yelling and kicking the garbage can. Food started moving out of the kitchen. Then Scott substituted spinach for the asparagus in the risotto and Dave didn’t catch it. Then the second test came up with the tuna. It wasn’t seared nor did it have the seeds on it. Then Dave seemed to bounce back.
Next up was Ariel. Her first test was when Heather substituted parsnip puree for the mashed potatoes and she failed. Then Scott substituted salmon for the sea bass but she caught it. Ariel was reading out orders and gave Kevin to much. So Kevin lost where he was and it made Ariel look really bad. So Ramsay was yelling at everyone. Ariel thinks that Kevin was dragging on purpose.
I think Dave actually may have done the best at the pass but I am not sure. It was a bit hit and miss. Ramsay asked them at the end of service to each think of 1 person who shouldn’t be there any more. Kevin chose Ariel, Ariel chose Kevin, and Dave chose Ariel. Ramsay chose Dave and Kevin to advance to the final. Dave and Kevin will be designing menus for their own restaurant. Then Ramsay whisk them away in a limo. They go to the roof of a hotel where they see a ton of people who are cheering for them.
They have 45 minutes to make a dish and the crowd will be their judge. There are big screens up so the crowd can watch the cooking. So they go head to head with 5 judges to taste. Of course, since we have seen Hell’s Kitchen before we know they are playing for first pick for kitchen staff. Of course it comes down to a 2-2 split and all depends on the last vote. But Dave’s venison beat Kevin’s lobster.
Right off the bat, Kevin will get Heather and Dave will get Scott. Dave’s first selection for his crew was Ariel. Then Kevin chose Van. Dave chose Robert. Kevin chose Amanda. Dave’s last choice was Suzanne, to which I am a bit shocked. So Sabrina was on Kevin’s team. Then they go to change, prep and make sure everyone has the menu down. The problem is that Kevin’s menu is beautiful but really complicated while Dave’s is simple but really attainable.
Then we get started! First app order out of Kevin’s kitchen has to be redone. Amanda had an issue with the scallop dish. Dave has apps flowing out of his kitchen while Kevin’s kitchen weren’t putting out anything. I think Kevin needed to call someone else over to the fish station at least to help them dig out. It would have taken 2 plates and I would have had someone at least help her if not switch with her. They were 40 minutes in without a plate leaving Kevin’s kitchen. Then Kevin put Van on the scallops and moved Amanda to hot apps.
Then over at Dave’s kitchen there were mushroom issues in his risotto. Robert felt that Dave set him up so he was messing with him, making him drop risotto. Then Amanda’s risotto got sent back in Kevin’s kitchen. So Kevin had Van help Amanda with her risottos. Van was saving Kevin’s bacon. Over in Dave’s side, Ariel had to redo some venison but it was manageable. An hour 15 in and both sides are sending out entrees. Kevin had issues calling out the right orders, he changed on a couple of times. It just happened to be the chef from the restaurant looking to hire one of these boys. Kevin was about to lose it on Amanda and then he seemed to calm down a lot. Dave was down to 4 tables and Kevin was down to 6. Kevin’s crew was on the upswing while Dave seemed to be dipping a bit. But they seemed to end at the same time.
In the end they stepped up to their doors and the one that opens is the winner. I wasn’t surprised at all that the winner is Dave! If he was this good with one arm, just imagine how great he will be when he has both;).
So that brings us to the end of this season of Hell’s Kitchen. See ya’ll next time ’round!

Hell’s Kitchen Recap

Last week half of our chefs did great and half did horribly. So how will everyone do this week?

As we open, Dave is hot because Tenille said something different then him in elimination. So he is gunning for her. Suzanne and Ariel are both realizing how close they came to being gone.

Then everyone goes into the kitchen for their first individual challenge. It is on presentation so Ramsay brings in the editorial staff of Bon Appetit, including Barbara Fairchild. They have to each make 1 dish. Then the staff will be ranking them by look. The top 2 will be tasted by Ramsay and Fairchild, the best tasting one will win but only of the top 2 looking ones. Suzanne made a calamari salad and Kevin thinks the salad is a bad choice. Dave totally couldn’t answer any questions about his dish. Tenille made fish but it broke going from skillet to plate. So Tenille was in last plate with Suzanne in 4th place. Kevin got first place. Ariel got second with Dave in a close third. So only Kevin and Ariel’s got tasted. Both dishes tasted well and they couldn’t decide. So they both won!

The reward was to join Ramsay and Fairchild for a Bon Appetit shoot where both their dishes, and them, would be featured. Then, as always, comes the punishment. The losers had go clean a street in order to make LA more presentable. They got to put on jumpsuits and ride in a prison style bus. Then they got to clean the parking lots and carpets. While working in the parking lot, Dave seemed to aggravate his wrist. So after the punishment, Kevin is “encouraging” Dave to quit in order help his wrist.

In prep Kevin takes charge and is starting to annoy people a little. The menu for this service is including the 2 winning dishes. Dave is on cold apps, Tenille is on hot apps, and Suzanne is on fish. Right off the bat we are having problems getting fish. Ariel tasted Tenille’s risotto and tells her it is over done and then Tenille said it was fine. Ramsay said it was over done. Then Suzanne’s scallops aren’t right. Come to find out the rice that Kevin prepped was over cooked. Ramsay was hot because Kevin didn’t throw out the rice and just make some more. Suzanne found another tray of rice that was done right. Then Ariel gave Ramsay pink chicken and he just about lost it. Then Suzanne sends raw john dory. Then Ariel is sending ragged lamb. Ramsay took her out to the dining room and reamed her out. Part of Ramsay’s biggest problem is that he was sending out partial tables and that drives him nuts.

They did actually manage to finish dinner service but it was a huge mess. Ramsay wanted the team to pick 2 people to go up. Suzanne said Ariel and Tenille should go up. Ariel said Kevin and Tenille over the risotto. And then we don’t see any more of the deliberations. The 2 nominees were Ariel, due to meat inconsistencies, and Suzanne, due to bad fish and her thinking she had a good service. Ramsay said they both should go but Suzanne was the person to leave.

So we are down to the final 4, who will win? Will they get more consistent as a whole? I think they could all flame out but we will see.

And the Fires Keep Burning!

So we are really starting to narrow the field and hopefully it is going to get really good! I think this week will be really interesting with Suzanne on the guys team!

The guys straight up told Suzanne that they didn’t want her on their team, don’t like her attitude and don’t like her.
So everyone heads to the kitchen and are met with Scott. They drop a tv screen with Gordon on it, he has gone to Whistler. The resturant they are playing for is know for local ingredients. Gordon had the local ingredients flown in and they have to make 3 dishes using the 15 ingredients and not repeating them. So they all get cooking. Sabrina and Suzanne are each being shut out on their teams. Ariel and Tenille thought they had lamb as an ingredient but it wasn’t. Sabrina knew it and never told them since they were ignoring her. Gordon flew back in to taste the food and he brought Sasha Cohen and Johnny Mosley to judge. Tenille presented the “lamb” dish and admitted that she didn’t know what it is but then said it was venison. They said that it was that they were just momentarily confused but knew it was venison. Van then blanked out as to what was in his dish. In the end the blue team won.
So the punishment for the red team’s loss was to work on a farm and to clean the pig pen. The blue team was off to meet Mark Peel at his top restaurant. They had grilled cheese sandwiches made in front of them. Ariel has a pig phobia and Tenille kept wrenching.
Before dinner service they had to design their own menus. They had to do 3 apps, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts. Tenille wasn’t coming up with fine dining suggestions but she had to have input. The blue team seemed to be really smooth on their menu. The red team seemed to be having lots of problems with theirs. Then they presented to Ramsay. Everyone on the blue team loved theirs but Sabrina wasn’t happy with Tenille’s app. Ramsay said it wasn’t something he would order but they have to be careful with the balance. It isn’t pointed out that none of the apps came from Sabrina. Of course this challenge means that the diners get to choose which menu to order off of.
So service started. Most of the orders started out of the blue menu. Tenille had never made chard and didn’t know how, even though it was on her station. On the blue team, Van is making more scallops than needed. The red’s ravioli came back because the meat in the center was frozen. Then Van had black bits on his scallops. Then more raviolis came back cold. The blue team took a commanding lead and then Dave hurt his arm with a nerve issue. But Dave went back out and was working it. Both sides are doing well part way into service. But then Sabrina seemed to be falling behind. While they were waiting on Tenille’s broccolini she took a sweep break. Then Van started messing up the same plate repeatedly. Then Sabrina also messed up the same halibut. So then Ramsay called up both Sabrina and Van then he said to shut down the kitchens.
No one won. Each team had to come up with 1 name for elimination. Van wants to put up Suzanne. Tenille wanted to send up Sabrina and Sabrina wanted to send up Tenille. In the end Sabrina and Van. But Dave did say that the weakest chef over all was Suzanne. In the end Sabrina was sent home.
Then we head into the second hour!
So the next day everyone gets their black jacket! Then the chefs go into the kitchen and Gordon is cooking. He was making one of his signature dishes from his restaurant in London. It was time for “taste it and make it” in pairs. It was Van/Ariel, Tenille/Kevin, and Dave/Suzanne. They got a dish from his LA restaurant to recreate. Van dropped the fish on the floor in the last minute so they had to do a rush cook on a new piece. All 3 teams used a different ingredient on the sauce. The winning team was Dave and Suzanne. The reward was to go to Gordon’s LA Restaurant and have Christina, a former winner, cook for them. The punishment is to prep for service and to decorate for a “couples” night.
For the special couples night they are doing a chop salad for 2 done tableside and a porter house for 2. So Kevin will be in the dining room. Those steaks looked huge! Suzanne is on hot apps which means it has to coordinate with Kevin and his making salad tableside. Out the gate Suzanne messed up because she didn’t make enough tortellini for the order. Van started an entree fish before he started the apps. Then Van was sweating in the food. They end up trying to get out entrees and apps at the same time. Tenille was on meat station and she started taking control to get everyone coordinate. Van was having all kinds of issues from the fish not being cooked to it being cooked wrong. Gordon had it, he took Van in the back and gave him both a warning and a talking to. Then Ariel blackened lettuce. Then Gordon and Scott just walked out! Then we go to commercial. I wonder if it is a ploy to see if they will quit cooking or if they will persevere. So Tenille tried to step in to take control. Ariel was in the weeds and Dave stepped in to help Ariel out. They started getting food up. Kevin was helping plate but then he had to out for the Porter House so he left Suzanne to push it out. She was afraid it was a test and that she would get it wrong so she wouldn’t plate. Van seemed to be a little overwhelmed. Then Gordon and Scott came back and he called them all up. Gordon then threw Van, Suzanne and Ariel out. Tenille, Kevin, and Dave finished up service.
Van was back in the dorm and was losing his very slippery grip on life. Then the other 3 totally handled it. Gordon told Tenille it was the best he had seen anyone cook meat. So the top 3 had to pick 2 people (out of those tossed) to put up for elimination. They decided to put up Suzanne because she wouldn’t plate. Then Dave said to put up Ariel because that was who Gordon wanted to see. But Dave wants Ariel gone over Van because she is better. When Dave said Ariel, Gordon seemed a little shocked. So Gordon asked Tenille if she thought Ariel and Suzanne were the worst. She said no, that Van and Suzanne should be up there. Gordon called all 3 up. Gordon told Suzanne that she was out of her depth and was heading straight to the bottom. Van said that he was tired of being on the chopping block and was born to cook. Gordon sent Ariel back in line. He sent Van home.
As much as I don’t like Suzanne, I really think Van was the right call. So will Suzanne be out next? We can only hope. We will have to see if someone looses it more.

Hell’s Kitchen Recap

As we head into this week’s episode I think Dave is going to remain on top but I think that Suzanne will be the next red person to leave.

Ramsay starts talking about his French training. Our challenge is that each team has to produce 4 crepes. 1 each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Then he demo’ed 1 crepe. I had never seen a crepe that big being made. They made them on a big flat surface with a little spatula. They all had a hard time making the physical crepes. JP helped Ramsay judge this challenge. The guy’s breakfast crepe was pretty but to spongy. The girls wasn’t a pretty but was overall better. Tenille’s crepe didn’t look very good and it was very spicy. Andy’s looked very plain, similar to the girl’s breakfast crepe. The boys won lunch. The blue’s dinner crepe was huge and Ramsay said it tasted good. When asked what was in the crepe, Suzanne went on a huge diatribe on crepes, them being street food, etc. Both teams won a point on dinner. Dave’s dessert plate looked horrible and Ramsay didn’t even try it. The girls’ dessert crepe was delightful and they won.

So for service that night they are adding some French dishes like escargot, frog’s legs and crepes. The guys have to prep both kitchens. The girls are going to a surprise. They are going to learn mime. The girls also go to the best French restaurant in town.

While both teams were finishing up prep, Andy sliced the tips of 3 fingers off on the mandolin. So Any got taken away to get fixed but they don’t think he would be back that night.

Then service begins. Andy comes back right in the beginning of service but unfortunately he doesn’t seem to know the menu. Dave is starting his team off with good risottos but Sabrina’s were bland. Ramsay brought over Dave’s for Sabrina could compare. Then Sabrina made a good one and Ramsay was yelling at her about being consistent. Then Andy made ugly crepes. Kevin stepped in and helps Andy with the crepes. The girls were flying, working together and keeping time with each other. Then Suzanne screwed up and threw everyone off. Dave was working on meat and so he let Andy make his own risotto. When Andy couldn’t make his risotto, Dave did it both and seemed to be doing it well. Now Suzanne was slicing lamb a minute and a half before it was to go up. So then Suzanne had to start the table over. Andy then started making salads wrong. Suzanne finally had lamb to take up but they were cooked wrong. Sabrina keeps adjusting the recipes to her way and not Ramsay’s, he was hot as she messed up the frog legs. Ramsay tossed Andy out of the kitchen. So the guys were left with 3 in the kitchen. Then back in the red kitchen, Suzanne over cooked an entire pan of lamb. He then tossed Sabrina and Suzanne out for being inconsistent. Then Tenille and Ariel were left alone in the kitchen to finish with just Heather’s help (sous chef).

Since neither team was complete Ramsay didn’t have a winner. The blue and red team had to come to a consensus as to which 2 chefs to put up. Ramsay emphasizes that they need to work together and be sensible. I think next week will be the merge week. Andy doesn’t want to go up. Suzanne said she messed up a pan trying to get it all right. The decision was Andy and Suzanne. Suzanne can’t figure out why she is up. She says she puts up good food and wins challenges. Then the discussion comes up of what they have to do to guarantee Suzanne getting tossed. It was said that if Andy went up he would go home. So they were debating putting Suzanne and Sabrina up.

In the end they put up Suzanne and Andy. Suzanne says she should stay because she can cook every station. So Ramsay asks Tenille. Tenille says they are better without her even if that means they are short. Andy said he was bad because it was his cutting hand that got hurt. So Ramsay sent Andy home. Then he sent Suzanne to the blue team. Man, did they not look happy.

This is going to be fun! Se you next week!