New Hell’s Kitchen! Night 1 Part 2

And we are back for the second episode in the premiere night of the new Hell’s Kitchen!

Of course they did the early morning wake up. We got Iron Chef Morimoto!!! They had to duplicate a couple of his sushi piece that he demonstrated for them. Morimoto brought knives and the winning team got to keep theirs. They were doing it in pairs. The guys once again one. The guys got to go to San Francisco for a wine tasting while the women has to prep for sushi to be served at service.

Of course Sabrina and Nona had to take rice delivery together and Sabrina is talking smack. Then they got one of Ramsay’s special dinners. And Sabrina puked a lot.

Then we get to service night. 1 chef from each team had to be an assistant maitre de, Jillian and Vinny. Jillian came up quickly with a ticket and Vinny had issues. It took him over 30 minutes! How hard is it to take an order? Hey! Ramsay liked Gail’s rissotto! Always nice when that actually happens. ┬áThere were issues with the Blue team getting out sushi. Only part of one table got any apps by the time that Red was going on to entrees. But Red was having beef issues. Then Vinny was telling his tables that if they ordered sides that it would take a lot longer because he didn’t think Raj couldn’t get the sides out. Ramsay had a fit and tossed him!!!

Emily admitted that she can’t cook meat when they were still waiting for her beef. Boris has decided that he is the Blue team captain and was getting in the middle of everything. 2 hours in and the Blue team still hasn’t finished their apps. Melissa was messing up garnish so Ramsay sent her to switch with Jillian. Curtis continues to screw up the sushi so he was tossed. Then Ramsay saw Raj’s prepped pot of garnished and Ramsay tossed him our too. Then Ramsay tossed the rest of the Blue team out after they messed up walnuts on a dish.

Back in the dorms the boys were ready to throw down. And when Raj called them kids, it all came lose. The girls finished their dinner service. So of course the Blue team lost. And they said they were put up Raj and Curtis. But then some of them were talking about how bad Boris was. So when Ramsay asked who was up. First was Raj and Raj said that they lied. Then they put up Boris because he thought was superman and was pushing people off their stations. So Ramsay called them up and added Vinny to the mix.

When Ramsay asked why he should stay… Raj said he was a slow learner but almost had it down. After talking to everyone Ramsay decided to send Curtis home.

So, lots of personalities in this season. I think that means it can be really interesting or really ridiculous and only time will tell.

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