New Hell’s Kitchen! Night 1 Part 1

I can’t believe that there is already a new season of Hell’s Kitchen! They are really crowding them in but that is fine with me! The new intro was interesting. Very “in a city, in a town” style and probably the same voice guy;). If the intro is any indicator, we are in for a lot of fighting and yelling.

No JP!!!! Not cool! But they are got whisked away to LA Market, which is the prize restaurant. Before Signature Dish time. What were some of these women thinking? Emily was busting out! Ramsay made her cover up! But at least her food was good. Ramsay jumped right in on everyone. Sabrina was yawning while Ramsay was doing the judging (not of her) and he seemed to come a bit unglued. The gumbo was so bad that he made everyone try it, after it made him throw up. Of course there were lots of disappointments and it was only 1 point apart as we got to the last 2. Tired Sabrina actually impressed him. Raj, who you know has just too much personality, had the weirdest seafood pancake. But Antonia’s dish (the gumbo) was deemed the worst dish so the girls lost the tie.

The punishment was to wash up for both kitchens. The boys got champagne, caviar and massages. Raj drinks a little much and starts doing karate. Once again, I think he is going to have too much personality.

The next day starts off and Antonia is sick. Her head was hurting and she passed out. She came to and was rushed to the hospital.

We found out that in addition to it being the chefs 1st service, it is also James’. This time there was a new thing. They are starting with mini pizzas as a pre-ap and each team is having a chef take that order. The first appetizers actually cam on the red team right! Now on the blue team, Trev drowned a salad. I am not sure how Melissa could have raw pizza. While Ramsay was correcting the Red team, Boris was mocking him and Ramsay caught him. It wasn’t pretty, I hope he can cook.

It took over an hour before a tables worth of apps went out on the Blue team. Sabrina on the Red team decided to get her meat done before anything else was done for the table. When she took it up Ramsay was pissed.  Boris and Raj couldn’t get the pizzas made for the Blue team while Lisa was sending up raw fish. 2 hours in, no entrees and people are leaving. And at that point it was over.

Each team was to nominate 2. On the Blue team they put Raj and Trevor. Over on the Red Team they had a bit more of an argument as to who to put up. Lisa was a gimme that everyone seemed to agree on. Sabrina want to put up Nona after her fried chicken signature dish. Nona wanted to put up Sabrina for not being a team player. They ended up nominating Lisa and Sabrina. Antonia was not going to be returning to Hell’s Kitchen.

It came out that Raj has been cooking longer than Ramsay. Sabrina was fighting for her life. So she said Lisa was old, Nona thought fried chicken was fine dining and snores and so much more.

Lisa ended up going home. But Sabrina has made permanent enemies.

(Next time, more snark with less documentation;)

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