Hell’s Kitchen Finale!!!

As you may or may not have noticed, I didn’t do a recap last week but to sum it up… We saw both the rise and fall of Tenille. So who will win this week? They have all been so up and down, I have no idea who will win. I think if Dave can physically make it I think he has a great shot at winning!

So the 3 finalists have to make cuisine from around the world. Ariel has to do China, Dave India and Kevin got Mexico. They got 45 minutes to make their entree. Dave was totally befuddled as to Indian cooking. Ramsay brought in Vikas Khanna, Thomas Ortega, and Eddie Wong to help judge. They are all big chefs in their area of cuisine. Ariel completely lost it when trying to present her food. Ariel’s food was not a big hit. Kevin forgot to put his sauce on the plate. That was the element that really made it Mexican because it was just a pork loin but with a mole sauce. I think the other Mexican element was tequila in the marinade. Ortega didn’t go for his dish but the other 2 liked it. Dave chose pork for his protein and that wasn’t good due to the Muslim population. But his food tasted good. Dave’s Indian dish won!
Dave’s reward was that each guest judge was going to cook their signature dish for Dave. Ramsay specifically said he should ask lots of questions. Dave’s sister and fiance also joined him for lunch. He also got a complete set of cookware. The punishment was prepping the kitchen, prepping the dining room and stocking the bar. Kevin was a little bitter because he believed that if he would have served the sauce he would have won.
They all get into the kitchen to start service. Ramsay let them know that they are all going to get a turn to run the pass. The night seems to start off very well. Then Kevin takes over at the pass. Ramsay is up to his normal tricks to check quality control. So Scott changes the type of fish he takes up to Kevin. Then Ariel started having issues with her lamb and Kevin wasn’t listening to her. So the kitchen hit a stall.
Then it was Dave’s turn at the hot plate. Dave went a little nuts. Scott told him to watch as he was telling Scott to use a wooden spoon. He was yelling and kicking the garbage can. Food started moving out of the kitchen. Then Scott substituted spinach for the asparagus in the risotto and Dave didn’t catch it. Then the second test came up with the tuna. It wasn’t seared nor did it have the seeds on it. Then Dave seemed to bounce back.
Next up was Ariel. Her first test was when Heather substituted parsnip puree for the mashed potatoes and she failed. Then Scott substituted salmon for the sea bass but she caught it. Ariel was reading out orders and gave Kevin to much. So Kevin lost where he was and it made Ariel look really bad. So Ramsay was yelling at everyone. Ariel thinks that Kevin was dragging on purpose.
I think Dave actually may have done the best at the pass but I am not sure. It was a bit hit and miss. Ramsay asked them at the end of service to each think of 1 person who shouldn’t be there any more. Kevin chose Ariel, Ariel chose Kevin, and Dave chose Ariel. Ramsay chose Dave and Kevin to advance to the final. Dave and Kevin will be designing menus for their own restaurant. Then Ramsay whisk them away in a limo. They go to the roof of a hotel where they see a ton of people who are cheering for them.
They have 45 minutes to make a dish and the crowd will be their judge. There are big screens up so the crowd can watch the cooking. So they go head to head with 5 judges to taste. Of course, since we have seen Hell’s Kitchen before we know they are playing for first pick for kitchen staff. Of course it comes down to a 2-2 split and all depends on the last vote. But Dave’s venison beat Kevin’s lobster.
Right off the bat, Kevin will get Heather and Dave will get Scott. Dave’s first selection for his crew was Ariel. Then Kevin chose Van. Dave chose Robert. Kevin chose Amanda. Dave’s last choice was Suzanne, to which I am a bit shocked. So Sabrina was on Kevin’s team. Then they go to change, prep and make sure everyone has the menu down. The problem is that Kevin’s menu is beautiful but really complicated while Dave’s is simple but really attainable.
Then we get started! First app order out of Kevin’s kitchen has to be redone. Amanda had an issue with the scallop dish. Dave has apps flowing out of his kitchen while Kevin’s kitchen weren’t putting out anything. I think Kevin needed to call someone else over to the fish station at least to help them dig out. It would have taken 2 plates and I would have had someone at least help her if not switch with her. They were 40 minutes in without a plate leaving Kevin’s kitchen. Then Kevin put Van on the scallops and moved Amanda to hot apps.
Then over at Dave’s kitchen there were mushroom issues in his risotto. Robert felt that Dave set him up so he was messing with him, making him drop risotto. Then Amanda’s risotto got sent back in Kevin’s kitchen. So Kevin had Van help Amanda with her risottos. Van was saving Kevin’s bacon. Over in Dave’s side, Ariel had to redo some venison but it was manageable. An hour 15 in and both sides are sending out entrees. Kevin had issues calling out the right orders, he changed on a couple of times. It just happened to be the chef from the restaurant looking to hire one of these boys. Kevin was about to lose it on Amanda and then he seemed to calm down a lot. Dave was down to 4 tables and Kevin was down to 6. Kevin’s crew was on the upswing while Dave seemed to be dipping a bit. But they seemed to end at the same time.
In the end they stepped up to their doors and the one that opens is the winner. I wasn’t surprised at all that the winner is Dave! If he was this good with one arm, just imagine how great he will be when he has both;).
So that brings us to the end of this season of Hell’s Kitchen. See ya’ll next time ’round!

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