Hell’s Kitchen Recap

Last week half of our chefs did great and half did horribly. So how will everyone do this week?

As we open, Dave is hot because Tenille said something different then him in elimination. So he is gunning for her. Suzanne and Ariel are both realizing how close they came to being gone.

Then everyone goes into the kitchen for their first individual challenge. It is on presentation so Ramsay brings in the editorial staff of Bon Appetit, including Barbara Fairchild. They have to each make 1 dish. Then the staff will be ranking them by look. The top 2 will be tasted by Ramsay and Fairchild, the best tasting one will win but only of the top 2 looking ones. Suzanne made a calamari salad and Kevin thinks the salad is a bad choice. Dave totally couldn’t answer any questions about his dish. Tenille made fish but it broke going from skillet to plate. So Tenille was in last plate with Suzanne in 4th place. Kevin got first place. Ariel got second with Dave in a close third. So only Kevin and Ariel’s got tasted. Both dishes tasted well and they couldn’t decide. So they both won!

The reward was to join Ramsay and Fairchild for a Bon Appetit shoot where both their dishes, and them, would be featured. Then, as always, comes the punishment. The losers had go clean a street in order to make LA more presentable. They got to put on jumpsuits and ride in a prison style bus. Then they got to clean the parking lots and carpets. While working in the parking lot, Dave seemed to aggravate his wrist. So after the punishment, Kevin is “encouraging” Dave to quit in order help his wrist.

In prep Kevin takes charge and is starting to annoy people a little. The menu for this service is including the 2 winning dishes. Dave is on cold apps, Tenille is on hot apps, and Suzanne is on fish. Right off the bat we are having problems getting fish. Ariel tasted Tenille’s risotto and tells her it is over done and then Tenille said it was fine. Ramsay said it was over done. Then Suzanne’s scallops aren’t right. Come to find out the rice that Kevin prepped was over cooked. Ramsay was hot because Kevin didn’t throw out the rice and just make some more. Suzanne found another tray of rice that was done right. Then Ariel gave Ramsay pink chicken and he just about lost it. Then Suzanne sends raw john dory. Then Ariel is sending ragged lamb. Ramsay took her out to the dining room and reamed her out. Part of Ramsay’s biggest problem is that he was sending out partial tables and that drives him nuts.

They did actually manage to finish dinner service but it was a huge mess. Ramsay wanted the team to pick 2 people to go up. Suzanne said Ariel and Tenille should go up. Ariel said Kevin and Tenille over the risotto. And then we don’t see any more of the deliberations. The 2 nominees were Ariel, due to meat inconsistencies, and Suzanne, due to bad fish and her thinking she had a good service. Ramsay said they both should go but Suzanne was the person to leave.

So we are down to the final 4, who will win? Will they get more consistent as a whole? I think they could all flame out but we will see.

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