We Burn Once Again!

It seems like forever since this season started. That annoying World Series seemed to postpone everything;). But we are back with the second half of Hell’s Kitchen. So let’s jump right into the snark!

The girls were very relived when Gordon Ramsay put Trevor back on the boys’ team. He is so annoying, I am a little shocked he didn’t just get tossed out too! It looks like we are heading into a room service challenge. Every show I have seen this challenge on never has it worked out well for the chefs;). Apparently it is a bit more of a palate test. Only 1 of the 4 dishes were actual 5 star food. Everyone had to pick there favorite. Then they did the blind taste test. Always a winner!

The one I always feel bad for is telling the different types of fish apart. Ouch! Gail thought black truffles were watercress. I haven’t had white asparagus but apparently it taste like bok choi. Both Sabrina and Rob thought that filet mignon was chicken. What the heck? Then they got worse! They didn’t get 1, either of them. The girls won! Nona had the best palate with 3 out of 4!

Their reward was to go to Restaurant 14 with a shopping spree first. The boys punishment was to sort all the trash for recycling. The girls liked their activity, the boys hated theirs;). The boys are not happy to have Trevor back and they are doing the big freeze out. If anyone is going to look bad, they will make sure he does.

Jumping into service, both teams actually started well! Then Rob stumbled onto a challenge, scallops. Gordon Ramsay ended up coming over and making the order for him. I was surprised that Sabrina got away taking control but they seemed to do well. Back on the boys’ side, Rob once again had a problem. This time it was halibut. Ramsay gave Rob 5 minutes to wake up or get tossed. Then the girls’ team seemed to lose their lead due to Nona not managing the meat station. Then she wanted fight with Ramsay about if the pan was hot enough. So he tossed her and told Sabrina to run the meat station. Then Vinnie messed up spinach and gnocchi so he was tossed out. Then Russell put up raw chicken and got tossed to. So it was just Rob and Trevor left in the boys’ kitchen. The girls were cruising along pretty well while Rob got tossed for raw halibut. The sad part was even after Ramsay told him to get out he still didn’t know that the halibut was raw. Then Trevor put out the rest of the boys’ food.

Sabrina and Gillian got nods from Ramsay. The losing team was the blue team with Trevor picking out 2 to put up. Ramsay called Nona aside and gave her a talking to about arguing with him. But he gave her kudos for her palate. I think that Trevor should put up Rob and Vinnie. But Russell is a jerk and is a definite possibility. Trevor put up Rob and Russell. Trevor said that Russell was supposed to be driving the team but all he did was yell. Ramsay tossed Rob.

So who is next to go?

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