And the Kitchen Burns On

Come on, its Hell’s Kitchen. So I went for the easy imagery;). So we are a couple of episodes in and we are starting to see faults and personalities. So will the Blue team beat the snot out of Raj? Will the Red team have more great services? We shall see!

At 3 in the morning up come the Paramedics. The paramedics check them all out and then the chefs are sent downstairs. So each kitchen had to cook breakfast for 50 EMTs. Before any plates could go out the chefs had to send out fruit salads for the tables. The girls automatically had multiple people on the fruit salad while it took the guys awhile to get the hint. The girls were flying but Boris was burning the egg white omelets. Emily let the bacon burn so Sabrina and Melissa had to cook bacon on the fly. Then Raj screwed up the eggs and when Ramsay called him on it he started talking back. And we know how much Ramsay loves that. Needless to say, there was some cussing that happened. I forsee the girls finishing the guy’s food. The Red team was on their last table before the blue team got a table out. Then the girls went over to the boys side and pushed out their food.

The girls got to go to Santa Monica for the day and go to trapeze school. The guys got to polish stemware and clean kitchens for a punishment. Raj was useless and it wasn’t a surprise. Trev has lost it with Raj and they were going toe to toe. Boris stepped in to calm Raj down.

So as we go to prep, we find that Sabrina doesn’t want to prep and isn’t very helpful about it. They had to make culinary cocktails. Sabrina and Trev are in charge of those. And then service starts. 18 minutes into service and the first apps are coming out on the red team. But they quickly got sent back because it was to salty thanks to Emily.  Raj was changing Ramsay’s recipe with the salmon and Melissa was over cooking fish. Then Raj sends up raw fish. Vinnie ended up cooking Raj’s salmons. If the guys lose, then Raj has to go! Then Gail is torching meat and very chilled about it.  But then Raj bulked cooked the sole and Ramsay wouldn’t serve it. But then they ran out of the sole. So Raj had to go tell the customers but he didn’t want to go out because he was all messy. But he still had to go. While Raj was out the Blue kitchen started flying!

Ramsay couldn’t pick a winner. So he looked at the comment cards and the girls lost by 1%. So the girls had to put up 2. Emily seemed to be over whelming first choice. Then the second spot came down to Sabrina and Melissa. Sabrina was who was settled on due to her lack of prep. In her defense, Sabrina basically told off her team. But in the end, Raj got tossed! Woohoo!!! I was afraid that they were drag out the Raj drama for weeks.

See you soon for episode #4 of the season!

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