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We are back for a double episode of Hell’s Kitchen this week! Does this mean 2 or 4 will get tossed? This season has already had a lot of scheming and drama so nothing would surprise me. But I am only going to do 1 hour at a time because they are actually 2 episodes.

So we start off with Jason losing it because he felt thrown under the bus. We will see how badly that effects the blue team’s service. Then we find out that Hell’s Kitchen is serving lunch. They are serving burgers, fries, etc. It is to get them to communicate because they only have 30 minutes to prep and who ever finishes serving their side first wins. They were feeding the USC marching band and cheerleaders. The red team starts off strong getting their salads out with 2 of them working together. But Jamie started having a problem with burgers. Then the blue started catching up but then Ramsay found raw burger. Of course we end up with both teams having 10 left. Down to the last minute and both teams were down to fries but the women won!
So the girls were going to the Malibu Beach Inn while the guys were helping Heal the Bay. They were cleaning up the LA River. The guys expected more of a river instead of the cement they found. Apparently they don’t remember it from all the movies or tv. When the girls get to the beach they are challenged to a soccer game by Ramsay and his whole family. The Ramsay’s skunked them;)!
Fran burnt her hand and chose not to tell anyone how bad it was because she wanted to be in the service. 1 person from each team will be assistant maitre de’s. It is Holly and Salvatore. Salvatore comes in with his first ticket and Ramsay gives it back because he can’t read it. Apparently Salvatore can’t write in English so JP is helping him. But the girls got a ticket earlier but Maria had problems with her risottos. Milka helped her out her first few to get her on track. Scott wanted to keep Ed off his station but he messed up the first appetizers. Then Jason was having problems on the garnish.
The blue team got back an entree because the customer wanted done and it wasn’t on the ticket. Ramsay was reaming Salvatore and Salvatore said he couldn’t take it. JP convinced him to stick it out. Then Holly had to bring back something but the kitchen had actually screwed it up. Then Fran was really inconsistent with the meat and wasn’t getting it out. But at least she asked for help. Once again the blue team was waiting on garnish. Scott tried to come over and help Jason and Jason wasn’t handling it well. Jamie on the red team was also struggling on the garnish station. Siobhan came to help but then that caused problems on her fish station. While the women were struggling, the blue team seemed to be doing a lot better.
Fran was still messing up but also having a lot of pain. She told Autumn but didn’t want to see anyone so then had to try and keep everyone quiet so she didn’t have to go off and see the medic. But Ramsay demanded to see her hand and sent her to the medic. The medic wrapped her up and she went back in. She says that if she gets thrown under the bus over it, that would be wrong. But I think Fran told everyone at the end so she had an excuse. Because she was bad as far as the food was concerned.
In the end the guys pulled it out due to Benjamin’s good meat so they won. The red team had to come up with 2. Of course Fran was the first but then it was between Jamie and Maria. Part of Jamie’s problem is that no mater what she says that she has it. They ended up nominating both Fran and Jamie.
Ramsay ended up cutting Jaime because he believed the Fran could fight back.

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