Hell’s Kitchen Recap

As we head into this week’s episode I think Dave is going to remain on top but I think that Suzanne will be the next red person to leave.

Ramsay starts talking about his French training. Our challenge is that each team has to produce 4 crepes. 1 each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Then he demo’ed 1 crepe. I had never seen a crepe that big being made. They made them on a big flat surface with a little spatula. They all had a hard time making the physical crepes. JP helped Ramsay judge this challenge. The guy’s breakfast crepe was pretty but to spongy. The girls wasn’t a pretty but was overall better. Tenille’s crepe didn’t look very good and it was very spicy. Andy’s looked very plain, similar to the girl’s breakfast crepe. The boys won lunch. The blue’s dinner crepe was huge and Ramsay said it tasted good. When asked what was in the crepe, Suzanne went on a huge diatribe on crepes, them being street food, etc. Both teams won a point on dinner. Dave’s dessert plate looked horrible and Ramsay didn’t even try it. The girls’ dessert crepe was delightful and they won.

So for service that night they are adding some French dishes like escargot, frog’s legs and crepes. The guys have to prep both kitchens. The girls are going to a surprise. They are going to learn mime. The girls also go to the best French restaurant in town.

While both teams were finishing up prep, Andy sliced the tips of 3 fingers off on the mandolin. So Any got taken away to get fixed but they don’t think he would be back that night.

Then service begins. Andy comes back right in the beginning of service but unfortunately he doesn’t seem to know the menu. Dave is starting his team off with good risottos but Sabrina’s were bland. Ramsay brought over Dave’s for Sabrina could compare. Then Sabrina made a good one and Ramsay was yelling at her about being consistent. Then Andy made ugly crepes. Kevin stepped in and helps Andy with the crepes. The girls were flying, working together and keeping time with each other. Then Suzanne screwed up and threw everyone off. Dave was working on meat and so he let Andy make his own risotto. When Andy couldn’t make his risotto, Dave did it both and seemed to be doing it well. Now Suzanne was slicing lamb a minute and a half before it was to go up. So then Suzanne had to start the table over. Andy then started making salads wrong. Suzanne finally had lamb to take up but they were cooked wrong. Sabrina keeps adjusting the recipes to her way and not Ramsay’s, he was hot as she messed up the frog legs. Ramsay tossed Andy out of the kitchen. So the guys were left with 3 in the kitchen. Then back in the red kitchen, Suzanne over cooked an entire pan of lamb. He then tossed Sabrina and Suzanne out for being inconsistent. Then Tenille and Ariel were left alone in the kitchen to finish with just Heather’s help (sous chef).

Since neither team was complete Ramsay didn’t have a winner. The blue and red team had to come to a consensus as to which 2 chefs to put up. Ramsay emphasizes that they need to work together and be sensible. I think next week will be the merge week. Andy doesn’t want to go up. Suzanne said she messed up a pan trying to get it all right. The decision was Andy and Suzanne. Suzanne can’t figure out why she is up. She says she puts up good food and wins challenges. Then the discussion comes up of what they have to do to guarantee Suzanne getting tossed. It was said that if Andy went up he would go home. So they were debating putting Suzanne and Sabrina up.

In the end they put up Suzanne and Andy. Suzanne says she should stay because she can cook every station. So Ramsay asks Tenille. Tenille says they are better without her even if that means they are short. Andy said he was bad because it was his cutting hand that got hurt. So Ramsay sent Andy home. Then he sent Suzanne to the blue team. Man, did they not look happy.

This is going to be fun! Se you next week!

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